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my girlfriend has got a male friend and its bothering me watch


    Ignore..they're loving the attention
    Plus , you can't get rid of him

    Just let them be friends. If anything happens, then obviously deal with it then, but you should trust her enough with him to begin with. You may be exacerbating things by going and asking him to leave her alone - if it were me that would make me want to hang out with her more. Or maybe try and do something with the three of you? That might convince you there's nothing between them.

    (Original post by Nutta!)
    Well no,

    In my opinion, boys will be boys, I reckon they probably do kinda probably actaully do fancy you if they spend quite a bit of time with you... I reckon she's getting the best of both worlds here.

    I mean alone with his gf? Come on he reckons he is well in there

    Poor boyfriend, he should be the one that she wants to spend a lot of time with on her own accord.

    I don't blame the the boyfriend for worrying. I mean do you trust her?

    Friends with history igniting an old flame...

    Surely she should realise that its upsetting you and do something about it..
    If she leaves him for someone she likes more, then that's life.

    It's better that she leaves him for someone who makes her happier and he gets a chance with someone who really cares about him than they stay together because the boyfriend is being manipulative and controlling, making her miserable.

    Being in a relationship doesn't give someone unconditional access to the time and emotions of someone else. It's still about give and take and if two people can't find a reasonable middle ground, what makes you think they should stay together?

    I have no reason not to trust her. I don't know her and I don't know her feelings. I do know that just because one is close to someone, adn just because two people may have had a 'thing' in the past, that doesn't mean they can't spend time together without wanting to get their clothes off.

    I understand why you'd be uncomfortable with it, but it's her friend. It sucks that that's your situation, but I think the only thing you can do without alienating her is just to get her to spend more time with you, remind her of why she's not with him instead.

    I've had a friend since primary school, and sometimes boyfriends of mine are a bit put off by our closeness, when in actuality, I'd never date him. But when my guys start suggesting that he keep away, it makes me mad, though I get why they're upset about him.

    My point is, you may accidentally wreck the relationship before you get a chance to save it. So just try a different approach like I mentioned. I think that's the best idea as far as keeping your girlfriend goes. Just remind her how much she likes you.
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