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whats wrong with me? watch


    Actually I must correct myself,, It was from an article I read a while ago, A study from Uni of Lyon was that 500ml of water drunk before each meal cut overall calorie consumption by 15% ,, Im guessing it helps you feel fuller quicker etc. etc. But also keeps you healthy as water is primary in all diets..

    as has been already said ...drink water..dehydration = one of the main causes of hunger main causes of hunger pangs...also drinking good amounts of water will stop water retention and bloating...

    DO NOT throw up what you eat..!...you never know when what might become a vicious cycle...and recovering from and eating disorder myself ...i say...don't even think about it...

    instead....eat things that make you more full...vegetable...lean meat..egg...fruits etc...eat regularly 6-8 small meals a day....

    don't let yourself go....BUt satisfy your cravings...you feel like having sugar...munch on fruit ...cravings still not satisfied...go have a small/medium block of dark chocolate or anything you like...and then stop and wait..don't deprive your body ...but learn how to control it and your cravings.....and if you really are motivated you will learn to not give into cravings..

    also after you eat...wait for 20 minutes...that's the time it takes for you body to realise it has been nourished...and that feeling of being full settles in..

    recognise why you binge....boredom?..depression? etc..find out what it is...and try dealing with that..

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    Trying to make yourself throw up? Carefullll you don't go down the anorexic route.

    (Original post by Love.Angel.Music.Baby)
    But then I have days where all I do is eat, for example today I had beans for breakfast, I work and don't get a break til 5 so I need to stay full, in my break I had a jacket potato and tuna, then I came home and ate, some popcorn, a cereal bar, some weetabix, some toastetc all in about 5 mins, its like I binge then don't throw up (although today I tried)
    you dont sound like you are eating much at all. do you actually need to lose weight?

    don't listen to the mentalist advice on binge on water or learn to starve. those people need shooting.

    best way to do it is by eating proper meals - not starve yourself all morning and just eat beans and a potato - if you eat a couple of decent meals you wont come back from work hungry.

    second tip is to eat protein as a snack. milk and meat fills you up. high carb foods such as crips / sweeties and your pathetic idea of a binge will not fill you up.

    seriously though - popcorn, toast, weetabix is a seriously rubbish attempt at a 'binge'. jesus, that really stressed you out. seriously? that is barely any food at all - certainly not worthy of the title 'binge'. chill out a bit, life is too short to control your life through food.

    working at eat better and carry on working at your exercise regime. kudos for attempting the exercise regieme.

    You're probably binging if you're not eating enough. It's your body's way of telling you that. Eat three meals and two to three snacks a day. Don't eat junk food if possible, but do treat yourself otherwise you'll find yourself craving things.

    Do not make yourself sick; if you continue to try, go and see your doctor.

    This might be useful:


    My guide to getting a better body and better health

    Weight loss isn’t as complicated as what folks would imagine. If you follow this guide to weight loss I guarantee that you will see results in as little as 3-10 days.


    Sodium, is essential to the body, but a high amount of sodium is a killer. It causes hypertension (high blood pressure) and a significant increase in weight. If you are eating a low fat, low carb diet and excercising you might be wondering why that flab is still there or why you’re not losing any weight, its water.

    So how do you lose it?

    First thing first, no more canned foods. This means no canned vegetables, fruits, meats or any other food that’s canned. Canned food use sodium to preserve it, which in turns raises the amount of sodium in your body, which in turns increases the water retention and storage of water in the cells. Also no microwave meals or dressings/sauces that claim to be non-fat (unless they are low in sodium). Non-fat meals are truly non-fat, but fat is what gives food its taste, so if you take the fat out, you have to replace it with something to give it flavor….sodium/salt.

    Next no more adding salt to your foods, no season salt, no garlic salt, anything that say’s salt on the label, nor should you be eating sauces that are high in sodium.

    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), recommends 1000mg (1gram) to 3000mg (3grams) a day, preferably 2400 mgs a day, but the average American takes in 4-6 grams daily, too much for most Americans.
    To make a long story short keep your total daily intake to around 1500-3000mgs per day. Oh yea, 1 teaspoon of salt contains 2400 mgs of sodium.


    8 glasses of water a day is now known to be a myth and it is now recommended that we drink at least 1/2 our bodyweight in ounces; for example, a woman weighing 200lbs would drink at least 100 ounces a day. This along with a low sodium diet (1.5gms to 3 gms a day) will help to flush out the excess water that is already stored in the cells which in turn will cause a drastic loss in weight.

    Some of the known benefits of water:
    helps prevent and cure heartburn
    helps prevent and cures arthritis
    prevents and cures back pain
    prevents and cures angina
    prevents and cures colitis (constipation)
    water prevents and cures high blood pressure
    helps to improve and maintain muscle tone, weight loss, and clear and healthy skin.
    Regulate body temperature, remove toxins and waste, cushion and lubricate joints, decrease risk of kidney stones and many more important benefits?do you need anymore reasons to drink water.

    This is one of the main keys to your weight loss.

    Sugars, carbs, and fats -

    I recommend that the majority of your sugars come from fruits.
    Fruits are great as appetite suppresants, which will curve your appetite from wanting to grossly eat foods that are higher in calories and fats. Eating a banana a half hour prior to eating your lunch or dinner will curve your appetite, therefore you won’t eat as much as you normally would. Fruits are great for those who are deficient in vitamins and minerals, they also provide a healthy and cheaper alternative to some of the other snack foods you would buy especially those in vending machines, so instead of buying a candy bar, bring a couple of apples and bananas to work with you.

    Not so healthy sugars:
    Granulated white sugars- it is chemically treated to become white and is processed using bone char
    Sugar- is a simple carbohydrate and can be absorb quickly into the body which can add unwanted weight without any nutritional value.
    High Fructose corn sweetener- is the worse of all sugars and has been around since the 70?s, this sweetener has led to the obesity dilemma of America.

    Healty alternatives:
    Organic honey is great for desserts and teas, it can add a healthy alternative to processed sugars.
    Brown sugar uses molasses to sweetened it, it has only 3 grams of sugar per teaspoon and can be used in oatmeal, along with walnuts and cinnamon for a healthy, tasty breakfast.

    If you absolutely, positively need some white sugar, I would do straight Splenda or a mixture of splenda and white sugar.

    Try to avoid eating sugars 1 hour prior to going to bed, for now on the main purpose for sugars is to provide us with energy for the day and for our workouts.


    Avoid bad fats eg. Trans fats and saturated fats. These fats increase heart disease, impotence, high blood cholesterol, weight gain, diabetes, stroke, and a host of other problems.

    Your goal is to rid your diet of trans-fats and saturated fats and maintain a healthy intake of omega-3, flax-seeds, omega-6 (balanced with omega-3), these come from fish, nuts, and oils.


    Carbs are not dangerous, carbs are not dangerous, carbs are not dangerous!!! You must have carbs for energy, but try to eat a moderate amount of carbs and get the bulk from fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole wheat, oatmeal, grains and nuts. Don’t confuse yourself on what is a good carb and what is a bad carb, if you stick with these foods for the bulk of your diet you’ll be o.k.

    You must have sugars, fats and carbs in you diet for energy and to help you make it through your day and through your workouts, but try to avoid eating these 1 hour prior to going to bed because you can’t burn them in your sleep, therefore it will just be converted into fat.
    List of healthy foods for a healthy weight loss


    Pretty much all meats but keep it low in sodium
    Lean ground turkey
    Lean ground chicken
    Salmon, halibut, tuna (low-sodium), talapia, and any deep water or wild fish
    Chicken tenderloins
    Turkey bacon to substitute for regular bacon, also rinse it first the cook it.
    Fresh pork as oppose to ham
    Lean turkey as oppose to turkey ham
    unsalted lamb
    deer meat
    and any other meat that is low in sodium.
    Walnuts are great and are needed for a healthy diet of fats
    Pecans, almonds, pistachios, sunflower-seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hazelnuts are also great, be careful with cashews, brazil nuts, macademians and peanuts. Try to eat these unsalted and unglazed.

    Brown rice
    Whole-wheat pasta
    Whole-wheat bread
    Wheat flour
    All fruits are great but I emphasize lemons, limes and all citric fruits, these are known to be great for weight loss, hey put a little in your water
    Best for weight loss and with no salt:
    Green beans
    All vegetables; fresh or frozen are fine, but don’t eat them canned, I personally prefer frozen cause they retain more nutrients longer, you can prepare them by placing them in a microwave safe bowl and microwaving it for 2-3 minutes.



    Raw vegetables,
    grapes are great
    strawberries and nearly all fruits
    low-fat, low-sugar, bran-muffins
    non-sugared cereals are excellent
    low fat yogurt with natural fruit?read the labels and be careful, some yogurts are filled with sugar
    low sodium/low-fat popcorn
    low sodium crackers
    look for skippy’s new low fat/low-sodium peanut butter, it taste great
    low-fat cheese
    Look in the stores for snacks that you would enjoy, that is a combination of low in sugar, fats, sodium and carbs and enjoy


    Sugar-free tang, its high in vitamins with no sodium, calories or sugar
    Crsytal light, not very high in anything including vitamins but is a change of pace from sodium
    Careful with milk products, try to go to skim milk or low-fat milk, but by all means avoid whole milk
    Don?t do too much soft-drinks or fruit juices?their loaded with sugar.
    Diet sodas on occasion or if you definitely need your coke or pepsi, don?t drink the whole can in one sitting, drink it over the whole day.


    Try to stick with low-sodium condiments or use a portion of the serving size,if it says one tablespoon, try using half a tablespoon, this will cut your fats, sodiums, carbs and sugars in half and in the long run this adds up.

    Mortons salt substitute- taste just like salt but has no sodium!!!
    Any and all peppers
    Any and all powders, including:
    Garlic powder
    Onion powders
    Mrs.Dash- comes in numerous flavors
    Don’t do ANYTHING that has the word salt, even if it say’s lite-salt, you will no longer add salt to your food

    Too sum it all up;

    The most important things to do is to lower your amount of sodium and still stay full throughout the day, this can be done by eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, snacking on grapes or cereal, and eating five small meals a day. Be creative with the foods you prepare, you can mix and match anything on this list or add your own foods as long as they meet the criteria of being
    1.low in sodium
    2.moderate amount of fat
    3.moderate amount of sugar
    4.moderate amount of carbs

    Drink a lot of water. Your urine should nearly be clear everytime you go to the bathroom. At the same time you must take a multi-vitamin because if you don’t, all you’re going to do is flush out all of the vitamins and minerals from you body. Remember sodium holds water under your skin, but if you increase the amount of water and lower the amount of sodium you will flush some of that water out and begin to see a more tone body.

    Exercise!!!! Even if its just walking a half hour or 1 mile, three days a week, its still 3 miles more then what you are use to and this will cause your body to burn more calories.
    You can even go out and buy Tae-bo tapes or any of the exercise at home dvd’s. Go buy some light dumbbells from Wal-mart, get on the internet and learn more about weight training. If you are doing cardio, YOU MUST WEIGHT TRAIN, this will keep you from getting flabby, even if you loose weight with cardio, you will still be flabby but weight training will help get you more toned faster then with just cardio alone, don’t be afriad to go to the gym and ask questions about weight training.

    You must eat, the more meals you eat, the better you body will burn. Try to do 5 small meals a day, this will keep you energized throughout the day and keep your metabolism going also eat foods that are high in fiber.

    Don’t be scared of carbs, sugars, and fats, they are your friend but you must learn moderation. This is not a diet, this is a healthy way of getting toned, staying toned and looking and feeling great for life. Diets are only quick fix methods that don’t last long because you cant do them forever. Don’t be afraid to have the foods you enjoy every now and then, because there is no reason why that you should have to abstain from the foods that give you comfort and make you happy, whether its fried foods, a burger loaded with everything on it or your favorite desserts, but don’t forget moderation and your ultimate goal, a health weight loss.

    taken from here:http://blog.bodybuilding.com/armymus...what-you-want/


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