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    I can't stand the smell or taste if I'm honest. A lot of my friends smoke, and I used to smoke occasionally when drunk... But lately I haven't had any at all. Find my self holding my breath as I walk past smokers... I don't like inhaling it even as 2nd hand smoke!

    I'm not one of those people who has any problems with smokers though. Live and let live!

    ur right in that sense my friend. physiologically though, in a similar way that some drugs induce a feeling of calmness, nicotine in cigarettes do as well except it is true only for regular smokers. thx
    Actually I find that when I started smoking it made me calmer than it does now. I think that regular smokers don't the same effects as people who don't smoke 'full-time' or have only been smoking for a short while.

    I still however fully enjoy a fag and I find that I personally smoke because of that fact I enjoy it and not the fact that it calms me down.

    Although if someone wants to be calmed down by smoking and has smoked enough for it to ware off, then I recomend Menthols.

    people smoke because it's a good icebreaker at parties..that's why some people only smoke when they drink

    Must be to reduce stress lol, because whenever I walk past outside call centres I see around 20+ people having their fag break probably because they didn't meet their sales requirement.

    People who I know don't pin it on one reason, but it's usually stuff like it helps them relax, chill-out, something to do, or just because it's the done thing after you've started and they only keep on smoking because they're so used to it.

    My dad used to have like a 40 a day chain smoking habit, luckily he's calmed down over the past few years, but apart from it being the done thing for him and to help relieve stress from his job, the way he also saw things was that his mother got lung cancer from not smoking a thing, so he didn't see the additional risk caused by smoking.

    I'm just against it because of my dad really, as well as all the health reasons etc. Thing is, I remember the first time I tried a cig when I was drunk, I'm pretty sure I liked the taste of it, and some of my friends do say if I wasn't so against it in the first place, I'd probably be smoking too since I have quite an addictive personality.

    One thing I used to hate though, was the smell of smoke that'd get in your hair and clothes after a night out. You'd wake up the next morning, feeling sorry for yourself, then having to shower and smell all that smoke lift off of your skin, it wasn't nice at all. Since 2005, my bed has always been a temple, and no matter how drunk I am (I don't drink anymore like), I'll always have a shower before going to sleep, even if that meant me sitting at the bottom of the shower ham-fistedly trying to clean myself.

    I really don't know. I'm really ******* against it to be honest, well if they want to clog themselves with benzene and **** then fine, but how dare they make others who opt not to smoke breathe it in? Most smokers have no consideration for others, specially at bus stops where they let it waft over.

    Could someone explain why people like a ciggy when drunk? I can't work out why drunkenness makes you crave one.


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