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Why don't I feel like a 'normal' 18 year old? watch


    (Original post by malleablegrace)
    I'm talking about the science of alcohol here, not my opinion on what it is. It's literally science. Fair enough, anything is poison in large doses and most things in moderation are okay but in a society where a hell of a lot of people binge drink, they don't realise what they are inflicting on their bodies. I know, not everyone binge drinks but bodies are very sensitive things - everything we put in is going to go somewhere and have some effect on every part of our systems. That's just logic, or to me it is.

    I have tried alcohol, don't assume that just because I don't like drinking I haven't tried it. I've tried it, and for that reason I feel it is fine to disregard it. I have tried it, and I don't enjoy it, hence why I choose not to do it. Not because I'm "better" than anyone else, but because it makes me physically sick/ ill and the physical effects for me aren't worth it, and because I've had alcoholics close to me and I don't like what it's done to them. I don't like the effect it has on people mentally and unlike a lot of people I don't feel I have to drink to have a good time. Again, not because I'm better than them, but I feel that we're all capable of having a good time without drugs.

    I'm not saying I'm avoiding a trap. I'm saying I don't enjoy drinking and clubbing, there's no "trap" there. It's just not something I like doing.

    As I said, I don't feel I'm "better" than anyone who drinks at all, but I DO feel that I'm giving myself a better chance of maintaining a healthy liver as I get older.

    I'm not knocking things that other people like to do. Like I said, each to their own, if you enjoy drinking that's fine, but as I said in my original post in response to the OP's concern about *not* drinking, there's nothing wrong with that. And that's when I said that technically putting unnatural chemicals into your body is against natural instinct in response to the idea that people think that not drinking is unnatural, because it's not. But I am well aware that we all do that in some way or another with some things we eat/ drink/ use on our bodies.

    How would you feel if I said I find it desirable to want to change your views on it?

    I'm not going to change and you're not going to change - like I said, people can choose what they want to do and that's absolutely fine, I have nothing against anyone who drinks.

    I do have something against people who tell me that I should drink against my will, though, just because society says so.
    fine. you've tried alcohol and don't like it. but you'retalkimg about people that have it in extreme amounts, which constitutes to a small minority

    Make anecdotes up, tbh about half of the funny things that have happened to people, probably happened to someone, but not necessarily them. A story's a story, nobody cares whether it's true or not if it's good.
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