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    ok i was with my gf, and we were having fun, feeling each other up and the like, then all of a sudden, i cant hold myself back, and its all over...

    I am so embarassed, and she was fine about it, (although i realise it is completely NOT fine). I am so annoyed with myself, because this has never happened to me before, and this girl is the only gf i have become really close to, she really means a lot to me, not like some exes who i would be less embarassed about doing tht with...

    I was wondering how common this is, i mean i no it is not unheard of, but i doubt it happens to every guy, and i certainly didnt expect it to ever happen to me...also is there a reason for it, i mean it has never happened previously, i think it took me more by surprise than her tbh. also can u stop it in any way?

    just looking for genuine advice and comforting really :P if u r gunna poke fun then dont waste ur time posting

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    Have you heard the song 'Jizz in your pants' This just brought it all back, erm how about jerking off 2 hours before meeting up and then you'll have to work harder to reach the promised land.
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    Don't worry about it, the more you worry about it the more trouble you will have in future if come next time its all you can think about rather than enjoying it. Could try masturbating a bit more to last longer or you could just talk to her about it and confront it. A lot of these problems are mental, like you say your more keen on this girl.

    Better luck next time.

    my boyfriend has *** quite a few times and quickly from us just cuddling and touching in bed, i take it as a compliment that he find me that hot
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    do u think i should talk to her about it? it just seems very awkward, also i have gone from very comfortable to very nervous...i was wondering if i should just pleasure her for while instead of letting her do anything to me???

    or wud u act normally and just try agen? (only problem with tht is wat if it happens a second time!)

    How did she know? Were you both fully clothed? I can never see that happening to me but if it did I would just act natural, go to the bathroom for a "piss" and get cleaned up then do everything I could to make her not want me.

    *Picks nose*
    "Want some, dear?"
    *Doesn't get laid*

    This happened to my boyfriend when we were first having sex. I was rather surprised but I think he was more surprised. Occasionally I bring it up as a joke and we both laugh about it, but even though i thought i was a bit odd at the time I would never hold it against him. Don't worry, I am sure everyone has the odd embarrassing sex moment.
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