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Does a landlord have to deal with pests in their flat/house? help! watch

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    OK so i have a cockroach infestation in my flat...Its quite a nice flat pay around 1000 pounds per month for it and the area is quite nice so its not one of those crappy flats...Anyways i have this cockroach infestation and ive tried to start those *******s out but its not working...Bought spray tried hoovering etc and its really getting on my nerves...

    Anywyas we rent the flat and was just wondering that is there some law that states the landlord has o deal with it? We have a contract signed with the landlord for 6 months and have been living here for a few years.....Anyways we cant just pack up and live because you have to pay like 2 months rent worth for breaking the contract depending when you decide to leave...

    So is there an law or something?

    I would pay for it if it was my flat but it isnt so i consider it a waste of money to pay for it myself...

    PS: If not are there any cheap/free pest control services?

    your landlord or the agency he/she goes through are usually responsible for things like this. for example, my house had mould on my bedroom wall during the winter and my landlord's letting agency came and sorted it for us. Your agreement may mention something about whose job it is to sort it but generally it is the landlord (our next door neighbour's house is currently being fumigated by the letting agency).

    Yes your landlord needs to deal with it.
    So either he deals with it directly or you get an extermination service and then pass the bill over to him.
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    Just because most landlords do deal with this problem that doesn't mean that they have a legal obligation to do so. It wouldn't hurt to ask your landlord to sort this problem out for you but his/her only ongoing responsibility is that prescribed by s.11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which states that the landlord must keep in repair the structure and exterior of the dwelling and the supply of water, gas, electricity, etc.

    If this property is furnished then you may able to get away with not paying for the pest control but otherwise it's your responsibility to keep the property clean and free from infestation. When you come to renew your lease at the end of this six month period there will be an implied term in the tenancy agreement which states that the property is fit for habitation at the date in which the tenancy agreement commences. Until you sign the agreement it becomes the landlord's responsibility to have the property fumagated - if this isn't done than he/she has failed to comply with the terms of the contract and you, as a tenant, have the right to recover your deposit and sue for damages. In short, don't renew your tenancy agreement until the problem has been dealt with by your landlord.

    The question is, can you stick it out until then?
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