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    Imagine this.

    Your whole life you have an image of someone. or a whole bunch of someones. then one day, you find out something about them that changes all that.

    I just found out an awful secret.

    My aunt Gabbie just told me something she kept for years. she was once married to a man named Amos and the result was a daughter, Kiki. In the early 1990s, they split. While Gabs was in Oregon and Amos was in the Bronx, he was staying with Gabbie's sister Dana. Also, there was someone else around. Ellen, the fiance of William, who was Gabbie's brother.

    It seemed Amos cheated on Gabbie with Dana and also with Ellen. This caused William to break up with Ellen and Gabbie to split with Amos.

    CHeaters. Cheating.


    I knew Amos cheated on Gabbie with Ellen. No one told me that he cheated on his wife with her own sister !

    I am more and more desillusioned by the world everyday.
    Right now I am still young. Just 18. Still a virgin black boy. Just beginning to explore college and dating.
    I cant picture myself cheating on someone. If the relationship is not satisfactory, I'd split. I wouldnt cheat.
    A lot of women out there speak of men cheating. I usually dont pay attention. A lot of those women are just frustrated all the time.

    Now, I'm beginning to think its with reason.

    I also found out another thing from my best friend Kyle.

    His mother is leaving his father. The man is a great guy, nice and caring. It seems that for the past 20 years, Kyle's mother has been leading a secret, double life. She was actively bisexual and had romances with women. Now, she has run off with another woman. She came back after 7 months. No one knew where she had gone. she is divorcing Kyle's dad and wants to take Kyle away from him.
    Kyle doesnt want to leave his dad. He may not have a choice since courts these days favor women. Out of fear of being politically incorrect.

    Here I am.

    Just starting in the game.

    All I see is a war between men and women about love and sex and power and everyone is a veteran. I am still somewhat of a naive rookie. Call me a fool but i still believe in true love. My friends tell me I'll change my mind after a few heartbreaks. So far the biggest one I've ever suffered is rejection.

    I handle it well and know a woman who sharply and angrily turns a man down (hey, if she aint interested, she could just say so and not have to be mean about it, I mean, we Men have to approach them, they just sit around and wait and look pretty, we do everything)
    she has problems in her life or just enjoys being cruel.

    My consolation is that loneliness bites and is not gender biased as to who it affects.

    Now, I am beginning to see a girl in college. She is cool, a little too tomboyish for my liking but hey, i like her !

    Do I believe in love ? Hard not too.

    Do I have perfect trust in anyone, man or woman except MAYBE my own mama ?

    HELL NO !

    ull have to give me a min on this one........ *thinks........ ok maybe ill sleep on it.

    u have a ****ed up life...whats worse are these names. amos? gab? kiki? what the hell? lots of bisexuals.

    okay i'll turn on my advice side if u really need it

    First of all, I fail to see how other people's problems affect you. People are liars, and there are things that people wish to be kept secret. You yourself probably have many secrets. Be happy you were told it, but don't think anything of it. Why you would become delusional because you're being trusted now with the truth, I don't understand.

    People have many problems, you have many problems. Work with yourself before others, because that's all you can ever hope to accomplish. There is nothing to help, not to mention people are no different than animals. People have sex, they have babies. It is no surprise your aunt would keep such things secrets in a society where people end up delusional and freaked out when they find out the truth. The best you can do is offer support if they ask for it, and other than that, just accept the problems. Your family does not define who you are, nor do your friends or your secrets. You define who you are--the best you can do is be truthful to yourself, and don't let people and their lies (or secrets) affect you. You can only know as much about people as they're willing to give you--or you find out, and the more you put "images" on people, labels, judgements, etc., the more you're going to end up being shocked and confused.

    Everyone is ****ed up. People are animals (I don't care about your religious beliefs, or your delusions), this is true. We define the world, and the best way you can do this is by lessening your judgements--don't reject anyone, or anything (ie. don't refuse acceptance unless it's directly hurting you). This does not mean you understand--you can't understand why someone is bisexual if you are not. I can't understand what it truly means to be a blackman either, because I am not. The best I can do is simply remove all labels, confide in, love, and accept myself and the choices that I make. Through this will your answers come.
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