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    Ok, I've got some questions about the accomodation:
    1. Are they all mixed or are the floors/houses all one gender?

    2. Which accomodation is better to stay at for going out? I hear people say that you spend more time at uni than town, but is that true?

    3. Also which one is better for doing stuff in the day. Apparently, my course only has 6 hours of seminars, w/e. Do people stay more at the uni or in town during the day?

    Basically, I want to go out a few times in the week, but I think that if I stay in the village I'll get a bit bored because there's not much to do there-compared to town anyway. Is this true?!?!

    What place is everyone else choosing?

    Hi there I'm going this year too and I've chosen Cranbourne, although i obviously can't help as much as someone who is already using/has used these places from what i have picked up:

    1. i think all the accomidation is mixed

    2. since you want to go out I think you are better off choosing Purbeck House out of the 2 as it will save you a taxi fare back to SV, though there are a few bars and clubs on campus (i think) from what i remember of the open day and they would (i assume) be cheaper due to being aimed at students and not just general residents of bournmouth but i don't think there are that many.

    3. during the day i would again assume Purbeck house as i don't think it is too far from the beach, it also isn't too far from the town, so you can go shopping (or whatever). although student village clearly has the advantage of being on campus so that near exam time you can spend as much time in the library studying as you want without worrying about transport back to town.

    Also i think i did read that Cranbourne and Purbeck are the ones that fill up fastest, but i could be very wrong... although if that is right they must be popular for a reason...

    Also after a quick look at the BU website in Purbeck House you do get an ensuite shower and toilet (like in Cranbourne) so that's another bonus!

    I had the same dilemma as you've had and well went with Purbeck. Mainly because Purbeck seems to give you more space and privacy and well it's just a bit more modern. Also as Dan said above, it's right next to the train station as well as the ASDA so that's very convenient, you can get into town very quickly on the bus or even walking and so nights out are easily done.

    The student village being on campus obviously just makes getting into lectures and stuff easier but the houses are quite run down and you won't have an en-suite room. You can have house parties though and you could easily visit people anywhere along the 'street' but I guess that could also be applied to when you're in halls.

    It was a tough choice but when you think about the practicalities of when you need to shop, get a train and get into town, Purbeck is the more convenient one...well for me anyway lol
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    Thanks for the reply. But some more questions

    Did you know anyone from the village, and if so what did they make of it?

    Also, does Purbeck/Cranborne have THAT big an advantage for nights out etc.? Are you more likely to go out if you stay in the halls next to the town than in the village?

    AND which one is better for doing stuff in the day? Personally I'd prefer to spend my days (when not at Uni etc.) in a bar/pub (like in 6th form) and go out on a night. But then the Uni has its own bars. Damn, it's too confusing?!? :eek3:

    AND (last one) are the houses in the student village THAT bad? From what I've seen they seem ok.

    Right erm:

    I know no one from the student village or really at Bournemouth so can't really say but I mean obviously they're perfectly good to live in and if you like the idea of a household then it's a good place to be. You can watch video tours of all the accomodation in that section on Bournemouth's website

    I think Purbeck and Cranbourne are pretty close to each other so in that sense it's not like you're going to be further away from clubs etc with one than the other. When you're in Cranbourne though you will be sharing with a few more people than at Purbeck which could be an advantage or a disadvantage...again depends on the kind of person you are and what's more important to you. But more people would I guess equal more people to go out with. No matter where you are you will be going out regularly with friends etc. Student village apparently is more prone to house parties but everyone will want to go out at night and I don't think it makes much difference. Student village might be just a bit more difficult to get back to in the evening but would help a lot in the morning as you're already on campus. But I think it's a bit more out of the way to get into town but nothing major...

    Doing stuff in the day...well it's easy enough to get to campus from Purbeck/Cranbourne if you wanted to meet people there and the town is practically next to you but with the student village you can just walk to Dyans (uni bar) etc within 5 mins etc so that'd be handy. But I mean it reality, no matter where you go (Cranbourne, Purbeck, Student Village) you will be fine with socialising. Everyone is going to want to do things and just wherever you are will depend what's easiest to do but I think they all have their benefits.

    The houses in the student village are perfectly good. There's nothing wrong with them at all, very nice place to live and it's like a little neighbourhood from what I saw but I'm more tempted by Purbeck just because it looks a little more modern and it ticks all the boxes I need. Plus I think you get a bit more space in general with Purbeck but that might just be me.

    Hope that helps lol


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