Become a pearson student co-creator consultant and get your tuition paid in full

Wouldn’t it be great to forget all about university tuition fees? To have someone else take the financial strain? That’s the fantastic opportunity Pearson College is offering to 20 students who enrol for its new business degree.

Pearson is offering 20 places on its Business and Enterprise BSc (Honours) course – with all fees paid – for students willing to act as consultants, providing feedback through their three years at the college. You’ll get a degree worth £19,500 paid in full and also have the chance to shape the future of your course.


As one of 20 student co-creator consultants, you would be required to:

  • Provide regular feedback on the programme content and delivery methods including an annual consultation report
  • Suggest ideas for future developments in both the programme and student life
  • Consult with employers and academics on the design of the programme
  • Keep an ongoing record of your experience in an agreed format (eg blog or film)
  • Speak at open days/personal visit days/school and college visits



You will need to:

  • meet the conditions of entry to the degree
  • be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in the subject area
  • have an interest in education and/or consultancy
  • be highly motivated, articulate and creative
  • have excellent communication skills
  • be capable of working well within a team



Successful applicants would receive:

  • All three years of their degree fees paid in full - £19,500
  • Upon successful completion of the programme, a Pearson Corporate Diploma and a BSc (Honours) in Business and Enterprise from Royal Holloway
  • A guaranteed six-week internship during the first or second summer break
  • A company-based mentor to support them through the programme
  • Opportunity to have their final year consultancy paper professionally edited and published


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Apply now!


If you think you have what it takes to become and succeed as a Student Co-creator Consultant then please write to Steven Wallace at Pearson College, 80 Strand, London,WC2R 0RL or email [email protected]. Please attach the following:

  • your CV (include your school results, any work experience, your interests and achievements and anything else you think would be of interest)
  • a personal statement (max 4000 characters) setting out why you would like to be considered for a student co-creator consultant role.


About Pearson


Pearson is a blue chip UK company, owner of the Financial Times and Penguin Publishing, and the world’s leading publisher of university textbooks. Pearson College sits with the Higher and Professional Education division, and is based in the company's premises at The Strand in central London. Pearson is launching its first degree programmes in the 2012-2013 academic year, starting with an honours degree in Business and Enterprise.

Employer input is equally important, and we are collaborating with a team of top companies in the design and delivery of the programme including BT, Cisco, Sony Picture, Atos, and the Peter Jones Foundation. Equal weight is given to academic learning and the ability to apply it in a contemporary business context. Students therefore attend traditional lectures and seminars alongside industry designed workshops and conferences, all held within Pearson’s corporate premises in the west end of London. We are the only FTSE 100 company to offer a Business degree in this way, providing a unique opportunity to students who are really serious about their future careers.

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