How to Apply for Student Finance

Apply online now for 2013/14 student finance

Now's the time to get your student finances in order! New and continuing full-time students can apply now for 2013/14 student finance. The best way to apply is online – it's quick, easy and secure. Simply go to the Student Finance application page.

It doesn't matter if you're not yet confirmed on a course. You can apply for student finance for 2013/14 before you've made your final course decisions and before your offer has become unconditional on UCAS. By applying now, you can help ensure your application is assessed and the money you're entitled to is available when you start your course.

The deadline for new full-time students to apply for 2013/14 student finance is 31 May 2013.

Continuing full-time students should apply for 2013/14 student finance before the final deadline of 28 June 2013.

What evidence/documents do I need to send?

You won't be asked to send Student Finance England (SFE) any financial evidence up front when you apply. So what do you have to supply at the application stage? Well, SFE will ask for your parents' or partner's National Insurance number and financial information on your application. It checks this information automatically with HM Revenue and Customs.

Once you've submitted your application, you might be asked to supply supporting financial evidence. If so, you should send photocopies of this evidence, not originals, and be sure to send the evidence as soon as possible. By doing so, you can help ensure there are no delays while your application if being processed. Don't forget to include your customer reference on all evidence you send to SFE.

You don't need to send SFE your UK passport. Provide your valid UK passport details and your identity will be checked automatically with the Identity and Passport Service.

Continuing students who didn't apply for finance based on their household income should wait to hear from SFE. That's because they may not need to re-apply. SFE will contact them by the end of February 2013.


When will I find out what I'm able to get?

When your application has been assessed you'll be sent a Student Finance Entitlement letter. This shows you how much student finance you're entitled to and how much money you'll get.

If you applied online, you must sign, date and return a declaration form to Student Finance England.

Once you've read the letter, don't chuck it away! You need to save it (along with your other official UCAS and university letters) and take it to registration when you start your course.

For further information visit Student Finance England.