Student finance for study abroad

If you’ll be living and studying abroad as part of your UK course, you can still apply for student finance.

Maintenance Loan

If you’ll be studying abroad for the majority of a term you’ll get the abroad rate of Maintenance Loan for that term. The amount you can get will depend on your household income.

If you're studying in China, Japan or Russia for a whole year of your course, you can ask to get your Maintenance Loan payments in one instalment.

Travel Grant

If you’re studying abroad, you could also get a Travel Grant to help with extra costs.

Erasmus+ or Turing scheme

Under the Erasmus+ or Turing scheme , you can study part of your degree in one of 32 countries across Europe. You’ll usually get an Erasmus+ or Turing scheme grant from the European Commission, which helps towards your extra costs.

You can find out more at

If you’re studying abroad for a full year you’ll be charged a lower tuition fee. You should speak to your university or college for more information.

Student finance for study abroad

If you’ll be studying a full degree at a university outside the UK you won’t be able to get any support from Student Finance England. Funding for studying a degree abroad will be different depending on which country you’re planning to go to.

You should speak to the university or college you’re thinking of studying at to see if there is any funding you could get.

If your circumstances change due to COVID-19

If you had planned to study abroad but will now be studying online with your overseas provider, you’ll need to update your student finance application.

Normally, students studying abroad for a year of their course would be entitled to a higher amount of Maintenance Loan to help with the costs of living overseas. But as you’ll no longer be living abroad during term time, you’ll now be eligible for the home rates of Maintenance Loan instead, which can vary depending on your specific circumstances:

  • Living at home
  • Living away from home, outside London
  • Living away from home, in London

You need to make sure we have the correct information about where you’ll be living each term, otherwise you may have to repay any funding you have been overpaid. You can update this information by signing in to your online account now.