Where to live...and what to do when you get there

Going to uni isn't just about books and exams - it's also about finding your independence and exploring a place for the very first time.

In this corner of The Student Room, we'll help you get ready for that. We've got guides to popular uni cities, written by local experts, plus help and advice on finding somewhere to live (and everything you need to know about your rights once you get there). 

If you've got more questions, you can ask the knowledgeable TSR community in our student accommodation forum.

City guides

Finding your student home

What's your perfect uni city?

Studying is just one of the things you'll be doing at uni - you need a place that suits your personality. Allow us to help out... 

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Uni halls

Five questions to ask yourself when choosing halls

There's a lot to consider when deciding on your first uni home. Here's some of the most important stuff. 

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Need to know

Why you need student contents insurance

One in four students get their stuff pinched while at university. Here's how to get the cover you need, so you don't have to fork out a fortune replacing everything. 

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