Applying for halls

You've got your uni you need to find somewhere to live. Here's how

Once you've decided which uni offer to make your firm, it's time for the next step: choosing where to live.

Most students opt for uni halls, where you're sharing with a group of other students and all your bills are covered in the rent. The application process for these will vary by university, but your first step is always going to be deciding which of the university's halls you want to go into. You can expect to hear from your firm at some point before the end of the summer asking you to make your choice.

It's then down to you to pick the ones you like best but if you need more information, contact the uni's accommodation department. They will be able to help you out with detail on dates, deposits and anything else you need to know.

Making your application

Your firm university will typically send you login details to get to some sort of applicant hub where you can then apply for accommodation. If your don't get something like that, there may be a form on the uni's accommodation site.

You're probably going to be asked to list accommodation options in order of preference. Spend some time checking the university's website for information about the accommodation, and try to get along to an applicant day before making your decision. This will give you the chance to see the halls in the flesh and see whether the location will be right for you.

Find the university's forum on The Student Room - there will be current students on there who can give you honest opinions on what it's like to live in the halls you're considering. You can also try the student accommodation forum for more general questions.

Once you've submitted your choices, sit tight and wait to hear back with the details of the halls you've been allocated. It's then down to you to accept the offer and pay a deposit. The deposit amount will vary from place to place, but if you don’t get into your firm choice you'll get this money back.

Finding accommodation at your insurance choice

There are some universities that will let you apply for accommodation even when they are your insurance choice. At most, however, you'll need to sort accommodation on A-level results day, once you've been confirmed in your insurance choice rather than your firm.

Many universities guarantee accommodation for all first-year students - but that's not true of all. It's a good idea to get hold of the uni's accommodation department as soon as you can on results day, to give yourself your best chance of getting a room.

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