Guide to best student storage solutions for summer

Introduction: Last year I had to move out of my halls of residence for summer, however there was a gap of a few months between leaving halls and gaining access to my house for next year. I had no idea what to do with all my stuff (including bedding, desk chair, lamp, toastie maker etc.) because I don't have a car and there was no point taking it all home. I looked at a few different methods before I found the cheapest and easiest option which was LOVESPACE (

Big Yellow/Safeguard storage: It soon became clear traditional storage warehouses were a complete no-go for me. They were all located on the outskirts of Bristol meaning I would have to nag a friend with a car for a lift, sort out petrol money, then I had no idea how I would collect my items when I got back after summer.

Local collect & store service: There were a few services round my university (Bristol) which offered to collect my items and store them, then return them back to me. This seemed pretty good, however it was a bit inconvenient having to email/phone for a quote and worst of all I had to specify how long my items would be with them. There was also no way of picking and choosing which items I wanted back.

LOVESPACE: I hadn't heard of them until I saw them promoting around campus. They have a really nice modern website and an app which feels more like using Amazon or Uber than a storage company. They collect your items and boxes for free on a designated day (you don't have to be in, I left them with the porter) then take them away to be stored. Then it costs a maximum of £9.95 a month to store a single box and cheaper as you store more. You can select individual boxes to be returned anytime and anywhere in the country for £4.95. I used this to get the box with my speakers in delivered to my house at the start of the holidays and the rest of my stuff delivered to my second year house on the day I moved in (housemates were jealous/impressed haha). Their website also says it's way cheaper than using other providers.

I hope my guide has been useful, just thought I'd share a few thoughts and make life easier for people. Their web address is and this promo code will give you 10% off: LOVE547A