Moving out of halls...and getting all your deposit back

Moving out? Time to get cleaning! Here's how to get your halls room ready for handover, while making sure you get your full deposit back

First things first: cleaning supplies. Head down to your local Aldi (other budget supermarket emporiums are available) and get yourself some bleach, furniture polish, a duster and some carpet freshener as a minimum.

Next you can box up your stuff and get it out of your room. You'll be left with an empty space that needs cleaning up.

Working from the top down is the quickest way to get it sorted - dust your shelves, the desk, wardrobe and bed frame. Hoovering the floor should be the last job so it stays clean. Open every cupboard and check everywhere for your things; don’t leave the next fresher a present!

If you have an ensuite, make sure it’s cleaned with bleach and the toilet is gleaming. If you need to get the toilet bowl clean, caustic soda always works a treat – don’t use this with bleach though because of the fumes.

When you've finished moving out, take photos to prove you left it in a good state (including the state of shared areas at the time, it’s better to clean this area up too).

Lock everything, including the windows. You'll usually be able to hand in accommodation keys to reception and they'll have a list to check off.

After you do this – you're done! You can expect your deposit back during the summer break.

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