Privately managed accommodation FAQ

What is included in privately managed accommodation?

Privately managed accommodation can be a great option because most providers include room and ensuite bathroom as well as all bills and utilities, insurance, 24-hour security and a central location in one priced package. No hidden costs!

Do I have to pay for TV license?

If a TV is provided, the licence usually is too, but check this with your provider! If you’re bringing your own TV, you need to pay for the licence yourself too.

What are the benefits of staying in privately managed accommodation?

There are lots of benefits to living in privately managed accommodation – click here to our wiki page to read all about them

Is privately managed accommodation less social?

Whether you’re living in university-owned accommodation, in privately managed accommodation or at home, your social life is what you make it. With hundreds of students living in private managed accommodation you’re sure to find like-minded people and really enjoy your time there!

How is rent paid?

With most providers, you pay a deposit via credit or debit card. Options for paying rent vary provider-to-provider - some pay up-front all in one go, others in 3/4 termly instalments by direct debit or in 8/10 instalments across the year, or via direct debit. For more information look into specific providers.

Is insurance provided?

Yes, it is very likely that insurance is provided by your accommodation, and its payment is incorporated into your overall price.

Do I need to pay council tax?

You may need to provide proof you’re a student and are therefore exempt from council tax – read about when it is necessary for you to pay it here

Are utilities included?

Utility bills are usually included in the cost of your accommodation, as well as internet and contents insurance. It’s best to confirm this with your provider.

Is a TV provided?

This depends on which private managed accommodation you live in. Some provide a TV per flat, others don’t, but either way you are free to bring your own!

Is a telephone provided?

Telephones aren’t generally included as standard, but mobiles and skype mean that you don’t really need one.

Can I bring my car?

Check if your accommodation has a car park. If it does, it is likely that you’re free to bring your car but will have to pay for a parking space

How is it decided who I’ll live with?

Upon application you will specify your preferences for flatmates across categories like smoking, vegetarian, year of study, and whether you want to live in a mixed or same sex flat.

You cannot specify preferences based on anything like age, nationality, religion, race or sexuality.
It is likely you can also make a group booking and live with your friends.

Who will clean my flat and room?

You and the people you live with are responsible for cleaning your own flat and rooms.

Can I have friends over?

Yes. Sub-letting is generally prohibited but having people stay the night is fine.

Is there a curfew? Can I have a party?

Privately managed accommodation encourage independent living, so very rarely enforce curfews, but check with your provider. It’s the same in terms of having a party, you’re generally free to organise one if and when you want – just be respectful of your neighbours!