Six times you'll be glad you chose ensuite accommodation

Oh for some privacy...

Not sure an ensuite is worth the extra £30 or £40 a week in rent? Here are six situations when you’ll be wishing you’d forked out the extra cash.

When you get stage fright

Stage fright could strike at any time. There’s nothing more distressing than when you desperately need to go. You lock the door behind you in anticipation of sweet relief, and then the fear hits you… what if someone hears me? What if there’s a knock on the door halfway through?! You realise you can’t do it. You tell yourself you’re just being silly. But your bladder has other plans. 

It doesn’t bear thinking about. You’ll be glad you spent the extra money when you know you can happily pee in peace. 

When you’re free to be you

One of the biggest perks of having your private bathing area is that you can do things in your own unique style with no-one there to judge. “I liked it because I could watch telly whilst sitting on the toilet,” says TSR member Talya.

Self-expression is important for emotional wellbeing. With a private ensuite you don’t need to be repressed by conventional bathroom etiquette.

When you’ve got a hangover

When you’re feeling like death incarnate and you can’t move from hugging the toilet, you’ll be glad you’re paying the extra for the ensuite - because it turns out that £40 less a week doesn’t stop you from going out and getting plastered after all, and at least now you can deal with the consequences in the safety of your own bathroom where nobody needs to know.

When it turns out your housemates aren’t potty trained

While you might hope that things will remain reasonably clean given that no one really wants to risk serious infection every time they need a shower, unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. 

“One day I saw people come in with biohazard-type suits on, to clean the mess,” says Ham22. 

So while your other friends are spending Thursday evening having yet another emergency meeting about how to handle the new unidentified lifeform that’s been growing alarmingly quickly in shower cubicle #2 and seems to be mobilising, you’ll be taking a long hot shower in your shiny palatial bathroom, far away from all the stress. 

When you wake up in the middle of the night

One minute you're happily snoring away the excesses of a big night out, the next your sleep-fogged brain starts dozily ringing alarm bells. In some kind of dream state, you vaguely realise you've got to go...and you've got to go now. But that shared bathroom is just so...far...away. Good job you stumped up for the ensuite, champ, so you can roll out of bed to the loo without even opening your eyes.

When you’re feeling anti-social

Sometimes you just need alone time, whether to study or just to take a break from other people. If you’re sharing bathrooms then each toilet trip is a potential gauntlet run of avoiding hallway small talk or getting dragged in to whatever the drama of the moment is. 

You’ll find yourself going for brief loo break in the middle of an intense study session, and the next thing you know 24 hours have passed, you’re in a random house in another city, covered in glitter with no idea how you got there, and it’s all because you bumped in to a housemate who convinced you to go for 'just one quick drink' down the SU.

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