A week in the life of a coventry university student

Here are the week in the life guides written by Leicester University Students. If you're a Leicester student and want to add your own account, feel free to click edit and add your week following the existing structure.

Law and Spanish


Year of Study:

Typical Week:

MONDAY: 8:00 reluctantly get up realising its the start of another busy week; 9:00 badminton practice; 10:00 gym; 10:30 back home for breakfast and shower; 12:00 fortnightly property seminar; 1:00 spanish language & grammar for 3 hrs; 4:00 European law; 5:00 property & equity; 6:00 back home to relax, start dinner and watch TV.

TUESDAY: 9:00 get and and have breakfast, do some work; 11:00 European law; 12:00 lunch break; 1:00 Legal Systems; 2:00 spanish listening for 2 hrs; 4:00 Legal Systems again; 4:30 sneak our lecture to go to badminton practice; 7:30 get home, cook dinner and do some light work.

WEDNESDAY: 9:00 get up and have breakfast/do some work; 11:00 Intro. To Hispanic Societies lecture; 12:00 fortnightly Intro. To Hispanic Soc. Seminar; 1:00 fortnightly Contract law seminar/or spend the afternoon in the gym; 4:00 the rest of the afternoon doing work at home or in library; 7:00 dinner and student bar night!

THURSDAY: 8:00 get up and have breakfast/do some work; 10:00 fortnightly European law seminar; 12:00 fortnightly Legal Systems seminar/or do work in library; 1:00 Primary school volunteering for 3 hrs! 4:30 student union/de-stress having a few drinks; 7:00 home and shower; 8:00 out for dinner somewhere/go clubbing!!

FRIDAY: 7:30 earliest start of the week! get up and have breakfast; 9:00 Contract law; 10:00 Constitutional law; 11:00-1:00 library/shopping in town; 1:00 fortnightly Constitional seminar; 2:00 another Contract law!; 3:00 another Constitutional; 4:00 home and eat, relax for the night infront of the TV!

SATURDAY: lie in till 11:00 then to the gym; 1:00 badminton for 2 hrs; 3:00 home for a shower and some light work, more often than not shopping in town and relaxing!

SUNDAY: 9:30 up and breakfast; 10:00 badminton and gym; 12:00 home and shower, bit if light work and a nice Sunday roast!

Username: Hugh-Jass

Year of Study: 2009/2010

Typical Week:

MONDAY: 12:00 wake up and get ready; 2:00 seminar; 4:00 munch; 5:00 boxing training; 7:00 home shower and chillax with housemates; 9:00 usually cba to make food so we all order it!!; 11:00 net, tv, ps3 etc.; 1:00 SLEEP!! :D