A week in the life of a dentistry student

A Week in the Life of a Dentistry Student

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Here are the week in the life guides written by Dentistry Students. If you're a dentistry student, feel free to add your experiences to the page, by clicking edit and following the existing structure.



Username: somethingdifferent
Year of Study: 3

conservation clinic, lectures/ tutorials
prosthodontics lab work ,lectures/tutorials
lectures,afternoon off 
Peads clinic, lectures /tutorials
Ortho lab work/ oral surgery clinic, lectures/ tutorials




Username: TwirlGirl
Year of Study: 1

Monday 9-4/5: 3 or 4 lectures, then 2 hour histology practical 
Tuesday 9-4/5: 5 or 6 lectures
Wednesday 9-1/2: 1 morning lecture then clinics or lab practical
Thursday 9-5: 3 morning lectures then 3 hours rotation either restorative dentistry/oral path/oral surgery/ortho
Friday 9-1: 1 lecture, 3 hour dissection

(each lecture = 50mins)


King's College London


Username: kt-nguyen
Year of Study: 4

Monday 9-5: Periodontology clinics 
Tuesday 9-5: Restorative dentistry clinics
Wednesday 9-12.30: Oral surgery weekly rotations with 9-5: integrated dental care
Thursday 9-12.30: 45 minute lectures
Friday 9-12.30: paediatric dentistry weekly rotations with 9-5: prosthodontics clinic