A week in the life of an lse student

Here are the week in the life guides written by LSE Students. If you're studying at LSE for a subject that isn't here (or even if it is), feel free to add your experiences to the page, by clicking edit and following the existing structure.




Username: TheHaylio

Year of Study: 1st

Background: I'm a fresher at LSE studying Economics, with Economic History ( EH101) as my optional extra. I'm living in Rosebery hall, and went to a state sixth form college.

Typical Week



  • Up at 8:30 AM to walk in with a large quantity of people from my hall for my EC102 class.
  • This is all i have on a Monday, so i use a lot of Monday to get work done. I try and stay on campus till around 3/4 o'clock, but it's being getting less and less as i go through the term and it gets darker and darker!
  • Basically leave as soon as i can find someone to walk home with!
  • 4 PM I have my mathematical methods class, which I like.
  • Get home and have dinner at dead on 6, we are usually first in the cue!
  • Then either go out to somewhere like Penthouse ( a lot of people go out on a Monday) or just try and have a early night.....there's not a lot of them!



  • Up at 8.30 AM , maybe do some work at halls, or just chill watching 4od or something. Then walk in to campus to study there for a couple of hours. Usually in 32 lincolns inn fields as it's quiet there.
  • Then maybe grab some food or a coffee before going to my MA100 office hour at 11.30. This is my fave part of the week. It's essential for me as i struggle a lot with MA100 and after these sessions i feel a lot less stressed!
  • Then it's 3 hours of solid lectures :( starts off good with EH101 ( fun lectures) Then MA100 calculus, which is always of such a fast pace, before ST102 bores me to death.
  • Often go out Tuesday night - this week to a stand up comedy night at LSE (it's very good).
  • I'm dead after this so it's back home. Chill at home, maybe go and chat to someone, or play pool before early dinner again. Don't often go out on a Tuesday night, which is a shame as i have no lectures/classes on a Wednesday!

Wednesday: . I have no lectures or classes on Wednesdays which is fab! I often still end up going in to campus to do work just because there is so much to do! Some Wednesdays though, i'll make a real day of it and go and sight see or something like that.

  • Wednesday evenings follow the same routine every week. Pre drinks before going out to Zoo Bar, because it's essentially free now i have my zoo card.


Stats overdose today, which is horrible.

  • I go in for the extra MA100 lecture, which is really beneficial for me. Not everyone goes though. ST102 lecture now, and then a big break till 4. I normally study with a buddy during this time, getting ahead on homework or doing essays/problem sets. Intense study time.
  • Then go to the extra ST102 session where he goes over examples. By this time i'm knackered so it's off home! Early dinner, chill in the evenings. Nothing much happens on a Thursday night as everyone had horrid Fridays.


Disgusting. 3 classes, 3 lectures. 9am till 6pm.

  • Starts off with the 9-11 EC102 lecture that just consists of people sleeping. Then followed by MA100 which is always so difficult, the pace of the linear algebra is fast!
  • An hours break before i have my EH101 class where my teacher is really pushy, to the point that it scares you to talk in case you sound stupid! The readings are always so hard for this class.
  • Then i get a nice little break where i usually get Hare Krishna food, or study for a while. Usually a quite productive period.
  • Then 2 hours of classes, stats and maths in a row. Stats is okay, and Maths i really enjoy, i just wish it wasn't 5-6 on a friday!


I have a job where i work at a restaurant 10 hours at the weekends, which i am quite glad for as not much goes on in my weekends. When i'm not working, i am down in the canteen ( a really quiet place) studying and drinking with mates, It can be quite nice though, we can chat and have a laugh if we want- unlike in the library.

  • My job does make me knackered though! Maybe watch a film as a group to chill out

Other Comments

How does this compare with other LSE students?

So some people do a lot less work than me, and go out every night. A lot of people spend a lot of time doing networking etc and applications which is something i don't really spend my time doing. Instead i've been involved in drama at LSE and the beaver. I probably spend more time working than others, but thats because i need to. A lot of the maths etc just doesn't come easily to me"!

How much work do you have?

I go to all my lectures, and classes, which adds up to 12 or 13 hours a week. On top of this, i probably spend 3 or 4 hours on my MA100 homework and 1 or 2 on S4 tats. I spend half an hour on my econ quiz, but a good 2/3 hours on the notes. Probably the same time on my EH101 readings.

So thats maybe 10-12 hours in my own time if it's an easy week- but if there's something i'm struggling with- or i want to do extra work, it can easily be 4 hours a day or more when there are essays due etc.

I'm not coping great with the advanced level here though, so i would say i'm doing a lot more work than others!

How would you change this?

Making sure i go to more office hours? They can be really really helpful!

Business Mathematics and Statistics

Username: Swayum

Year of Study: 1st

Background: I'm a fresher at LSE studying Business Mathematics and Statistics (so very similar to Economics, Accounting & Finance if you do the full modules, Maths and Economics, Actuarial Science and others), living in Bankside House and writing based on Week 9 of Michaelmas Term (that's the first term of the year).

Typical Week



  • Up at 9:30 AM to get to my 11 AM economics lecture.
  • This was followed by an abstract maths lecture where I actually paid attention after a long time because the past couple of weeks I've been sitting next to some girl who I talk non-stop to during the lecture and so miss everything said! That and/or spend the whole time taking photos of people sleeping in the lecture.
  • It's 1 PM now and I don't have anything till 4 PM, so back to halls. Finish off my mathematical methods homework.
  • 4 PM I have my mathematical methods class, which I like.
  • This is followed by ANOTHER abstract maths lecture (why do we have 2 on the same day?!).
  • 6 PM and I'm actually exhausted (only slept at 5 AM previously). Back to halls, eat, sleep.
  • Wake up at 12 AM and watch the abstract maths lectures from last week because I literally didn't listen to a thing and my homework is due in tomorrow, which I can't even start right now.



  • Up at 11 AM to get to my 12 PM economics lecture.
  • Get an hour long break after it, followed by mathematical methods (calculus) lecture, which is immediately followed by a stats lecture for which most people leave, but I stay.
  • Start to leave at 4 PM for halls.
  • Should be working, but can't be bothered. I'll hand in the abstract maths homework late (it's due in Tuesday, but she accepts Wednesdays too - I usually haven't even started it at this point).
  • Often go out Tuesday night - this week to a stand up comedy night at LSE (it's very good).
  • Back and now I really do need to get the abstract maths done. However, I procrastinate a few hours by watching Heroes and stuff. Spend about an hour and a half actually working.


I have no lectures or classes on Wednesdays and yet I never get to lie in (where lie in = wake up at 4 PM).


  • I'm on the Finance Society committee, and the weekly meetings are held at on Wednesdays, so go in for 12 PM.
  • I usually also have a sports match on Wednesdays, but not playing this week.
  • Go back to halls and just waste time as usual.
  • 5 PM I'm off again to get to a social dinner thing at 6:30 PM.
  • Feeling pretty tired, so don't bother going down to the bar in halls and just sleep very early to make up for the past few days.
  • When I do my sport, the standard is to leave LSE around 2 PM, then off to a pub after the match finishes, then we meet at the Tuns (an LSE pub/bar type thing) around 8 PM and then it's off to Zoo Bar (a club with free entry for people who're part of LSE's Athletics Union)


Only one lecture today. I've decided to no longer go to the Thursday stats lecture because it's just not worth waking up for - it's recorded online anyway. I went this week anyway because I had lots of other stuff to do anyway.


  • But before the stats lecture, I had to help out with the Finance Society stall (I usually do either the stall or an actual event on Thursdays)
  • Stats lecture at 12 PM.
  • Passed some time in the library (for the heating, not for the work - got absolutely nothing done), before going to a career event.
  • Couldn't be bothered to go to a networking event in the evening, so went back to halls and didn't do much for the rest of the day.
  • At some point, got my stats homework done for my class tomorrow and also started the economics problem set (you get 2 of these each term and they're the bane of all Economics B students' life). Much less than 2 hours spent working.


This is a killer. I have 3 classes! A lot of other people do too.


  • Starts off 10 AM with a stats class - don't like it very much.
  • Followed by mathematical methods (linear algebra = yuck!)
  • Then I get a small break, after which I go to my economics teacher's office hours because I'm struggling a lot with the course.
  • Soon after the office hour ends, I have my economics class, which I really like. The teacher and people are awesome.
  • I now have a stupid 2 hour break where it's impossible to fill the gap. Either I can sit in the library for 2 hours (but it's the weekend so lol no) or I can go back to halls, but I have to come back later so it's an hour wasted purely on travelling.
  • I normally go back to halls (so waste an hour on travelling) anyway because there is literally nothing better to do.
  • 5 PM I have my abstract maths class - no one seems to like my teacher but I think she's good - she probably goes faster than the others can keep up with, but she's British (so excellent English) and competent.
  • Friday night is Crush (they turn what's called The Quad at LSE into a sorry excuse for a night club) - I think it's alright though. This week especially, because of the AU Carol/"bhangra Crush" thing (which means lots of people will be going). To be honest, I've only been to Crush once, during freshers' week, but I plan on going more often from now on.

In the past, I've usually gone home to family (in London) for the weekend.


Not much goes on in my weekends. Only noteworthy things are that I have to get my weekly economics quiz done and mathematical methods homework, both which I leave to the last minute on Sunday.

Other Comments

How does this compare with other LSE students?

I think you get 3 types of LSE students.

1) Those who don't go out at all and/or don't have (m)any friends at LSE. People who are international and in this category usually spend their lives on Skype. People who aren't international and in this category - I have no clue what they do. It can't be work because I haven't met many exceptionally bright or hard working people in this category... yet. I guess they go out with their old friends?

2) Those who go out virtually every night. I don't know too many people who fall in this category, but kudos to them, to be honest. That's pretty much how Michaelmas term of freshers should be spent. That said, they'll probably be working their arses off in Christmas. Although I reckon I could keep up with the amount of work I've been doing and go out every night as well, but I lack the energy for that.

3) People in the middle somewhere (which I guess includes me). I think this category captures most people and I think my week is similarish to most of theirs. The major difference would be that I probably go to far more career related events than even second and third years, but that's because, for me, LSE was a choice between a better education in maths vs better career prospects (I picked the latter), so I'm trying to make the most of it. Most people go out one or two nights more than me I'd say.

How much work do you have?

Basically, I go to almost every lecture (so 8 hours for me) and every class (4 hours).

In my own time, I spend maybe a couple of hours on the weekend and around 2 to 5 hours (usually about 3) in the weekdays.

We have to do one exercise sheet each week for mathematical methods, abstract maths and statistics. It isn't a coincidence that, whenever I've written that I did work, it was for a class the next day/a deadline. I only really tend to do the minimum amount of work - that is only the exercise sheets and the weekly economics quiz. I really ought to be doing more I think.

Compare this with school - you do about 7 hours a day right? So 35 hours a week? Add on time spent on homework and you're looking around 45ish right? For me it's more like 12 hours of teaching time and 5 hours of individual study, so 17 hours! I'm not saying this is recommended or anything, but it's what I do at least and I'm coping alright except for in economics (and when I say coping, I mean getting higher grades in the weekly exercises than other people in my class).

How would you change this?

Maybe do something more on weekends? At Bankside, there's a football thing, but not really into it.

Also, I should really make much more use of the bar.

I need to find time to work more on economics and abstract maths.

Government and History

Year of Study: 1st

Background: I live in Hampshire and commute every day to London, from the New Forest. I love my life in the Forest but by commuting I get the best of both worlds. I did live in Rosebery Avenue halls but city living just didn't suit me. Also my Grandparents are elderly and ill and I like being able to drop in on them lots, especially as my Grandad has cancer. I also have a part time job home in the Forest and am training to ride from Land's End to John o Groats next summer! Just want to show people that it is possible to have other commitments and still do well.

Monday: This is the worst part of my week but at least I get it over quick! I get up at 5.30, shower and leave the house at 6.20 to catch the 6.40 train to Waterloo. On the train I get out my Kindle to do the reading for my 9am class. Monday is a really busy day for me. It starts with an hours Political Theory class so something like Hobbes which some of my coursemates love but I can't stand, I'm much more a scientist. 10am I have a Law lecture, this is my outside option and the lecturer is great. I then get an hours break which I never find enough to do proper work so I get coffee and my Kindle out again. Then it's the two hour LSE100 lecture so it could be great, could be pointless. In my two hour break I head to the basement of the NAB where there are sofas and plugs and get my laptop out to do some work. It usually takes my half an hour to focus and then I loose focus again over the last hour. My worst lecture of the week is coming up so I get coffee/coke and a sugary snack to keep my going but when the two hours of political theory are over I head to the station and get the 6.30 train home! I get home about 8.30, have dinner and watch TV.

Tuesday: A much better day! I don't have my law lecture until one so I lie in after yesterday's mega early morning. I usually start reading my law cases for the week on the 10.40 train. I have Law at 1pm, then carry on reading cases in the NAB (my preferred work space!) until my 4pm History lecture. This lecture is always a bit hit or miss because the lecturer changes regularly. It's usually interesting but there's always one that sends you to sleep. I take all my notes for History and Law on my laptop. I'll then do another hours cases or just look at rubbish on the internet until I head to Debate Society at 6. It was a really good society to join, everyone there is really friendly, we have a real laugh and there are lots of interesting international students to get to know. We talk about IV's coming up and have a debate before heading to the pub. The Knight's Templar is round the corner and we continue to talk about the debate and have a drink. I usually get dinner here as it's cheap. I take the last train home at 10.40, get home about midnight and am usually relieved that my two busiest days are over!

Wednesday: My day off! I'll either work a breakfast (7am-12) or dinner (6pm-12) in the hotel I work in. I spent my gap year here full time, my boss is lovely and my main social life comes from here! I am good friends with all my colleagues and we go out fairly often. It's nice to have a life outside uni because it can all get a bit insular. I love waitressing and have dreams that when I've benefitted from my LSE degree I will buy a restaurant. I would really miss working here, not to mention I need to work to afford the train fare! I will also make sure I get out on my bike for 2-3hours training and end up at one of my grandparent's houses where I have a chat and make sure they don't need anything doing for them. Between me and my parents we make sure they get to all their hospital appointments and have everything they need if they can't get out. One of us drops in every day. I also sit down and do my History reading as I have a 9am class but this only takes 2hoursish so I usually feel quite refreshed after a Wednesday as I have been to work and out on my bike. If it's an essay week however I will have spent the whole day slaving over an essay!

Thursday: Another early morning! I get the 6.40 train and finish the reading for my 9am History class! My teacher is great and I always feel guilty if I haven't done it! I have a Political Science lecture at 12 so I read for that in between. By one I'm finished and I'm back in the Forest by 3! I head to one of my grandparents for an early dinner and may go to work again but I never work more than 15 hours a week. I'll do some more Politcal Science reading if not. If I'm lucky I'll get to see my boyfriend who is a student at Southampton, lives at home but is also extremely busy as a District Councillor!

Friday: I get the 7.40 train so an early start but a busy morning and then I'm home! I have a Law class, an LSE 100 class and then a science class! I am home by 3 and usually read a novel or something unrelated to my degree on the way home to wind down from the week. If it's an essay week I will spend the evening on that, I may go to work but this is usually the best night of the week to see the other half. We've been together four years and still never see each other more than once a week! It's hard but we both understand that hard work will pay off in the end so make up for it by speaking lots on the phone and seeing each other more in the holidays.

Weekend: My weekends are always busy! If it's an essay weekend I spend all weekend working to get it done as quickly as possible. I like to write essays in one big chunk, not gradually. If there's a debate tournament I get up early on Saturday and drive there. It may be close, like Bristol or Oxford or further afield. I never drive more than three hours away though, if it's further than that I go up the night before and we arrange accomodation! I either drive back late at night or early the next morning. If I have Sunday free or even the whole weekend I may go and visit my best friend who is at Bournemouth, a half an hour drive away. I also make sure I get in two bike rides on a free weekend or one if I'm busy. If I can I work Sunday 7-5 or if there's a wedding 2-2. I have to be careful with work as I get to chose my hours and I must not get carried away thinking of the money and prioritise my degree! I get to bed early Sunday night ready to get up at 5.30!



Username: The Sherminator

Year of Study: 1st year

Typical Week

Finally i will be filling this in!

Monday: Wake up tired from the weekend, and not really excited about the week ahead. After a couple of hours in lectures, sit in the Quad and chat to anyone and everyone, eat paninis and pretend to read the FT. Come home in the evening and start some homework for the week, but don't get far as we haven't studied a lot yet. Hang out in someone's room, go out or play some pool.

Tuesday: Hectic day filled with lectures. Two one hour breaks, go eat a panini and contemplate whether to skip the Stats lecture in the afternoon. Half the times, skip it, the other times go in the lecture and wish why you didn't skip it. Because of the hectic day, take the night off and don't do any work. Relax, and play some pool or hang out.

Wednesday: Skip the accounts lecture most of the times, otherwise turn up and then rush back home and start the weeks assignments. As you have the whole day, most days go out somewhere, watch a movie (Orange Wednesday) or attend a public lecture. Do some of the essential reading as well.

Thursday: Lectures and classes, and a mad rush to finish assignments before the weekend so you can take the whole weekend off!!!

Friday: Last class for the week, finish off all the work for the week, so no homeworks are left for the weekend. Go out somewhere, either eat out or go for a movie or something.

Saturday: Go play cricket all day and eat out, get really knackered and take an early night after possibly the best day of the week.

Sunday: Take it easy, do some prelim reading for the upcoming lectures, mostly for the Econ lectures.

Other Comments:

This is almost always the schedule, perhaps throw in an extra public lecture here and there. The only time it gets hectic is week 5 and 10 when you have to hand in Problem Sets, essays and other marked work. If you are worried about a work/life balance, don't be. Its about making the most of university life, and I assure you, that you have enough time to do everything you would really want to do. Just make sure you REALLY want to do it, otherwise you get dragged into doing things that you don't find interesting at all. The first term is an experiment for everyone really but by the 2nd term you get the hang of doing things the right way. I think I am still learning, as I enter my second year in September, but that is how university is. There is no certainty about anything, in a way, that is the fun and the problem with it.

Government and Social Policy

Username: kashmir.noir

Year of Study: 1st year

Typical Week:

A week - Well, I have 8 hours a week. And take, GV101, GV100, IR100 and SA100. One lecture, one class for each course.

Monday, I have one class on monday, which is at around 1. And a lecture at 4-6. I just get to Uni at around 12 - and work for my Tuesday Classes (reading etc) during all the hours im not in class or in a lecture. Or hang at starbucks, pretending to study.

After my lecture in the early evening, I usually go for a public lecture, which there are some ridiculous amounts of. Its difficult sometimes to even find time for them. Go for dinner with friends afterwards, return to the library and pull a 4am-er.

Tuesdays, I could commit suicide on. I have a class from 10-11 then one from 1-2, then a lecture from 3-4 and another class from 5-6. I am always in the library on Tuesdays, finishing reading i really should have done on the weekend, or essays that are due in an hour. Or finishing a presentation. Ugh. Hate tuesdays. But then, after the day is over, im still in the library - finishing the essays I didn't eventually finish doing, and handing it in before 12, so it TECHNICALLY cannot be late.

Then I go out for dinner, or bum around with friends in halls, and pass out cause of lack of sleep.

Wednesdays I have nothing, i sleep in, go for lunch, go shopping, go for drinks, go out.

Same for Thursdays. I have a lecture, but I always bunk it, its 10 am, and i'm always hung over.

Same for Fridays. I have a lecture, but its recorded online. I don't see the point in waking up at 10 am.

Saturdays Ditto.

Sunday, I eventually get to the pile of work, that I should have done.

But this was till, like, week 15 of LSE, after that, my freedays, were spent in the library. Freaking out because,2.2 - 2.1's are depressing to look at, because everyone around you has risen waaay up to like, the 1st mark, leaving you, where you were hung over.

Coming into summer term, i hope that my body doesn't start to reject Red Bull. The Library will be my new home And bed since its 24hrs.