Applying for halls

Applying for halls is done in stages and varies from university to university, therefore this is a general guide. 

For dates, deposits and information pertaining to your prospective uni – please contact their accommodation department.

Applying for halls will be different depending on if the uni has been put as your firm or insurance choice.

Firm Choice

Generally, the university send you login details to get to some sort of applicant hub where you may apply for accommodation. Alternatively there may be a form available on their accommodation site.

At some point between you firming your choice and the end of the summer vacation, you will be contacted to ask for your accommodation choice. Many universities guarantee accommodation for first-year students. For more specific dates, please contact the university.

On the form you will probably be asked to rank the hall options in order of preference. If you need to be reminded of the options – there'll probably be a guide on their website for all their accommodation that they offer to students.

Once you've sent this off, you'll be emailed with your allocated halls offer and asked to accept the offer as well as providing a deposit. The deposit amount will vary from place to place, but if you don’t get into your firm choice you'll receive this money back.

Insurance Choice

On results day, you'll receive communication from your insurance choice if you didn’t meet the offer criteria for your firm choice. You'll then be asked to accept the offer and then start the process to register as a student – you’ll be able to apply for accommodation once you've done this.

Most universities don’t guarantee accommodation for insurance choices, but they will try to accommodate everyone. You're best placed to do this as soon as you can, so it may be worth contacting the accommodation department on results day.

When you've filled in the forms (online or paper), you'll only have the process of paying the deposit to do, which then you'll be ready to move in on your welcome weekend!


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