Case studies of students who dropped out of university

University can be a stressful time for many people. For many people this will be a totally new experience, moving away from home, living away from your family and friends; thrust into a world of caring for yourself and taking charge of your own studies. Everyone will react differently: some will take to university like a new born duck takes to water; others will take a while to grow their feathers and take flight; and some students won't adapt at all.

The most important thing to remember is, it's fine not to take to university life. Or university in general. Maybe you didn't do enough research into the course and university you ended up at; maybe you're not the sociable, clubbing and drinking type of person; maybe you're too clean and tidy to put up with living like a pig; maybe you can't cope with being away from your family and friends back home; maybe all of these things will have an impact on your time at university. It's fine to feel these things.

And, contrary to popular belief, it's a myth that dropping out of university is the equivalent of failing. All of the above reasons could contribute to your decision to drop out, and in some circumstances this is likely to be the best option for you. But don't be fooled, you can't make a decision like this lightly, always make sure you've explored all other options and avenues before dropping out.

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Case Studies

Here are the case studies of some TSR students who have been through problems with university, ultimately dropped out, and moved on to a better situation for them. Why not read over them, see what they're doing now, and see if their experiences can help you through your problems. Click here to read the case studies of students who are sticking it out.

Due to the number of responses we had to this page, case studies of those who have dropped out have been split across two pages:

Case Studies - Usernames A - M

Image:Aerobicsgirl.jpg aerobicsgirl - "I dropped out of university after 6 weeks and I am now on a gap year..." To find out why she dropped out and what she's doing now, click here.
Image:Alexa123.jpg alexa123 - "My reason was: The course. That was really the only reason i had- but i felt it was quite a big issue, and the main part of being at university." See if she regrets her decision to leave by reading more.
Image:Beautiful_Plumage.jpg Beautiful_Plumage - "It was at this moment I realised I never cared for the course..." Find out her reasons by reading the rest of this case study.
Cool Cat - "I don't regret dropping out as such, just wish it didn't have to come to that." See Cool Cat's reasons for dropping out in her case study.
  JamesBowater - "Dropping out is always a realistic option, and is not you failing, but rather you realising that you have made a mistake..." See what James' mistake was and why he dropped out to correct it by reading on.
  Laura12 - "I can't think of a time while I was there where I ever felt...happy." Find out why, and what Laura's done since dropping out, by reading her case study.
  Lenguini - "My problem was I allowed myself to be shepherded like so many of my peers into university." To find out how this ruined her university experience, read the rest of Lenguini's case study.
  katie_lou - "On reflection it was obvious from the start that I wasn't going to be happy..." To find out why katie_lou decided to drop out, read the rest of her case study.
Image:Magic_box.jpg magic_box - "Started at uni straight from school but after only 3 weeks dropped out. There were lots of reasons for this..." To find out these reasons, and what's next for magic_box, read her case study.
Image:MO-M-G.jpg MO-M-G - "More than anything I just wanted time to think, about whether university was for me..." To find out why MO-M-G decided university wasn't right for her, read more.


Case Studies - Usernames N - Z

Image:Noavatar.gif pigwigeon - "Then I had a big think. I didn't want to go through 2 and a half more years of this." See what pigwigeon's reasons for dropping out were by reading the case study.
Sapientia - "I'm now in the process of re-applying and am more than happy with my life. I don't regret my decision in the slightest." To find out Sapientia's reasons for leaving university, click here.
Image:Screenager2004.jpg screenager2004 - "I got very depressed. I hated my uni and course, and I felt like I was throwing away my hard work at A level..." To find out the reasons behind these feelings and where she is now, read more.
Image:Umop_apisdn.jpg umop apisdn - "When I first got to my university I loved how it looked, the atmosphere was buzzing and it was close to home so it was easy to commute to. " Find out what went wrong by clicking here.
Undiscovery - "I am much happier now I am no longer at that place and completely regret going there and wasting a year of my life." To see why Undiscovery feels this way, see the full case study.
Image:Noavatar.gif xxRacheyxx - "I now feel ready, not because everyone else is going or because it is what everyone else thinks is best, but because 'I' feel ready to go back..." To find out why she, read her case study.