Choosing the right sofa for your student digs

Giving your home a new lease of life in the New Year? With so much choice on offer, it can be hard to know what to get without being overwhelmed. Let this guide take the hassle out of picking your perfect sofa.

Choose something to fit your space

Knowing what space you have before you start shopping will help you to narrow down your choices. For small rooms, a two seater sofa with extra chairs may be the best option as they do not take up much space. A corner sofa is also a good way to maximise space and seating capacity, some corner sofas can seat up to four people which is ideal for families or for having guests round, but won’t mean taking up your entire living room.

In larger spaces, three-seater sofas or even four-seater sofas with extra chairs would be ideal as they would mean lots of space to sit down, but as the space is bigger they wouldn't dominate the entire room.

Don’t be Afraid to Choose a Bold Print

Not all rooms suit them, but if you have a very neutral colour scheme then a bold print on a sofa could really inject new energy and life into a room. Not everyone is brave enough to go for a bright red, but that doesn't mean sticking to beige. Deep purples are a subtler way to add colour without being overpowering. Don’t want an allover colour or print? Bright cushions when combined with something like a cream sofa can have the same effect without distracting from the rest of the room.

Check the Filling

This is potentially one of the most neglected parts when picking a sofa. Aside from style, you want to choose something comfortable but that will also last. Some sofa cushions are filled with fibre, and while these are comfortable, they can wear out with continued use. A foam filled sofa cushion could mean your cushions last longer and still provide all the comfort you need and more.

Think Practical, but Remember Style

A sofa is just as much about style as it is about substance. Once you have taken everything into account about your budget, what size is best and what style you want. It comes down to choosing the perfect sofa that you will be happy to sit on for years to come. It’s not a difficult job if you know exactly what you need. Choosing a foam upgrade on your chosen sofa could ensure it lasts even longer, meaning you don’t need to spend more money in future. Utilising your space and knowing how to get the most for your money are some of the main things to consider before buying anything.

The final piece of advice when choosing the right sofa is simple - try before you buy! While online shopping is a brilliant time-saving tool, if you don’t sit on your sofa before you buy it, you might end up paying for something you don’t find comfortable!