How did your uni surprise you?

Did you get a shock when you first arrived at your uni? 

Did you get there and say to yourself, "Wow, I didn't know it was going to be this good!" 

Or did you turn up and immediately get the urge to run for the hills, bawling: "This is nothing like how they said it would be!" 

However it was for you, we want to hear about it.


Best of the best

The Student Voice award is back in 2016, providing uni students with a truly unique opportunity. Vote in the awards and you get the chance to tell the world about the unis that don't just live up to the hype, they blow it away.

Every vote helps determine the overall winner, and every UK uni student who votes will go into a free prize draw to win their choice of either £500 of STA vouchers or a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone (once it's released).

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone for voting!

If you've gone through the uni application process, you'll remember what a huge (and difficult) decision it is to make.

Everyone wants to help you make your choice; and the universities themselves will show off their best side with slick prospectuses, websites and emails.

The big question is: did all that marketing ring true, or was the reality even better? 

Think about the teaching on your course; has it stacked up to how it was portrayed? How about your uni's facilities? Are there hidden gems that you weren't expecting but now can't live without? How does your accommodation compare with what you were shown?

This award isn't about whether your uni features near the top of the league tables. It's about how well your uni has stood up to what you believe it promised you. 

The Student Voice award forms part of the education industry's internationally recognised Heist Awards. 

It's an award that first appeared last year, with the students of Harper Adams voting their uni to the gold award, and TSR member Jordan Schofield winning an Apple Watch for adding her vote.

Who will win this year? That's up to you...

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone for voting!