Leaving halls early

This guide will inform you on everything there is to know about leaving halls early. 

Generally you'll only be allowed to terminate your tenancy within halls within the first couple of weeks of term OR should you stop being a student at the university. 

If you don't fall into this category then you need to have a chat with your accommodation department. If you leave mid-way through halls, then you may be asked to still pay the rent until specified on your tenancy agreement.

You're responsible for contacting the accommodation department to inform them that you're going to be leaving halls. They'll usually have a form to fill out to explain why you're leaving.

Once you've agreed a move-out date with accommodation then you should proceed to move out. You'll receive your deposit back after they've had chance to inspect your room to check that it’s in good condition.

Follow our moving out guide when you're ready to leave. 

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