Moving into halls at university

Moving day is near and you're all excited – but what actually happens on the move-in day? 

You'll have an allotted time to turn up to your halls – this should be detailed in any letters or emails from the university. If it hasn't then you should contact your university’s accommodation department for this information.

On arrival, you'll usually be asked to register at the university first to grab your keys.

You should then be able to bring a car to the door of the halls to avoid carrying your stuff around everywhere. 

There will be student ambassadors around, who are there specifically to be super helpful and to give you a hand getting your stuff out of the car and into your accommodation. 

Once you've got everything inside, your parents or friends will need to park up in the university parking so that more cars can get in.

Before you unpack

Before you do anything else, make sure you look for faults or damage within your accommodation.

If there's anything wrong with the place, take photos. This will help avoid any issues with your deposit as you move out. Most universities will ask for these photos so they have a record as well.

With that done, it’s time to unpack! Make the most of your parents and friends being around - this isn't the first time they can make themselves useful! Keep your door open to make it easier to meet your new flatmates, and take the opportunity to claim your space in the fridge!

Stocking up

Not got any food in? That could be a smart plan, as bringing food to halls with you takes up valuable car space, and besides you don't know how much fridge, freezer and cupboard space you'll have until you get there. However, on the flip side being one of the first to move in with all your groceries means you can claim any kitchen space you want - which can become a tall order if you're a late-comer!

A quick supermarket shop is a good idea while you've got access to a car, and if your parents are happy to pay you can pick up a few cheeky luxuries too (a jar of Marmite is fairly expensive, for example).

It’s usually better to wave goodbye to your parents or friends as soon as you can. That's not always easy, but it makes it a whole lot easier to get to know your flatmates.

Do you have any more tips about moving into halls? Let us know in the comments. 

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