Moving out of halls...and getting all your deposit back

Moving out of halls? Time to get cleaning! Here's how to get your halls room ready to handover, while making sure you get your full deposit back... 

First, get some supplies. Head down to the shop and pick up some cleaning essentials: bleach, furniture polish, a duster and some carpet freshener as a minimum.

Now you can pack up your stuff. Box it up and get it out of your room and you'll be left with an empty space to make spick and span.

Working from the top down is the quickest way to get it sorted. Dust your shelves, the desk, wardrobe and bed frame. Then hoovering the floor is the last job so that it’s perfect. Make sure that you open every cupboard and check everywhere for your things, don’t leave the next fresher a present!

If you have an en-suite then make sure it’s cleaned with bleach and that the toilet is sparkling! If you need to get the toilet bowl clean, caustic soda always works a treat – don’t use this with bleach though.

When you've finished moving out – take photos to prove you left it in a good state (including the state of shared areas at the time, it’s better to clean this area up too).

Lock everything, including the windows. You'll usually be able to hand in accommodation keys to reception and they'll have a list to check off.

After you do this – you're done! You can expect your deposit back during the summer vacation (or sooner, if you've left under other circumstances) – as specified on your tenancy agreement.

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