Starting university: a short guide on -possibly- how to buy cheap textbooks


This is a short guide intended for people who want to own books without having to always borrow them and are new to the amazon market place. Please do not shoot me down if you already know of this, it is not intended for you.

If you are starting a course at university often you are provided with a reading list or one can be found after a small amount of research on the programme website.

This is a snapshot of mine.


Finding The Books You Want There are many more books on the reading list

To start with we will use the book Principles of Physics (1994). If we head over to (I used as often not have these books) we can check the cost of buying this book.

The book comes to $132.50 or £83, with such a long list of books this becomes costly if you want to own these books. However if you look on the used section the books are listed from $0.60 or £0.37.

If you browse in the used section, it lists books of varying conditions and prices bearing in mind these books are from america.

I brought a few of the textbooks for $0.01 this one included however it has not arrived yet saving me a massive amount compared to the retail price. This is the typical quality of books listed as 'Good' I paid $0.01 for each. 

Pretty decent quality for a books which are over 10 years old, one still has what looks to be a $216 price tag on it. So if you can handle a few scuffs on the edges this books are an absolute bargain as the pages inside rarely have imperfections.

Delivery Costs And Arrival Time

As expected for large heavy books from America the delivery charge can be quite steep, I paid in total £22-24 roughly for 3 books around 800-1000 pages each in size. They were listed to arrive in 1-2 months after the order date however I received 2 of them within a week and a half on first class delivery. Still waiting for the last book to be delivered. Side note, you do not have to pay import tax on the books if they are under £15 I believe, maybe someone can confirm this for me. Books from the UK cost around £2.80 per book if brought from amazon market. Price Comparison Websites

You can also use to search for used books, it operates much like google shopping. Very nice for getting a list of prices though the downside is most are from the US.

Additional Notes - can be used for this however, I struggled to find the books I wanted and the ones I did were significantly more expensive. - Waterstones offer a similar market place however it seems to again be more expensive.