Staying safe at uni

Staying safe at university

There's so much going on at uni that it's easy to forget about staying safe. We're not saying you need to seal yourself away from the outside population, but there are a few practical concerns you should bear in mind before heading off. We've rounded up some of the most common below.


There are some really easy ways to avoid the stress and worry that unprotected sex can cause. Find out more about staying sexually safe, as well as how to go about getting tested for a sexually transmitted infection.

Oral sex precautions

Can you develop an STI from giving oral sex? Is there anything you can do to be safer? Here are some basic facts on oral sex.

Personal Security

Who should you call in an emergency? How can you best stay safe on a night out? These simple tips will help you keep yourself and your belongings in one piece.

Health and Welfare

If you are in need of medical, health or welfare advice or help, then see this page for for the official websites and contact numbers for groups and organisations who might be able to offer assistance.

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be hard. This article will hopefully help you to cope and make the most of a long distance relationship.

Give blood

The NHS reports that only 4% of the population currently give blood. If you've never done it, find out more on the official Give Blood website.

Health and relationships

For questions and discussions relating to all aspects and kinds of relationships, from love and dating to friends, family and work. Threads about sexuality also belong here.

Alcohol guide

Alcohol is an issue for a lot of people when they begin university, find out some information on making sure you are drinking responsibly.

Student food

A collection of general tips for student cooks.

Good luck, stay safe and have fun!

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