Ten things to do before you finish uni

University is a time to work your socks off but it's also a time to let your hair down and have fun while you're "working" so hard. The whole university experience goes by so quickly, so you need to make the most of it. 

With the help of the community, I've put together a list of ten things that you need to do before you finish university. Feel free to add to the list of things in the comments below too. What do you think students should do before they finish university?

1. Learn a new sport

New Sport

Learning a new sport is the best way to get out of the flat, get a bit of exercise and meet new people. Find something you think you'll love doing, don't force yourself into liking anything however, if you really don't like something then don't do it. How about giving a few sports a go and then decide which ones you want to take up? When I was at uni I discovered my love for running and ever since haven't turned back, it's been a huge change and helped me get fitter! So try out a new sport (even if it is just for the socials ).

2. Come last in a pub quiz

Pub Quiz

A pub quiz is always a good idea; you genuinely think you've got an amazing chance of winning until they start reading out the questions. After they start reading the questions you then realise that your general knowledge and ability for answering a series of 40 questions is not great. Still, if you haven't taken part in a pub quiz then do it. Get a group of your mates together, think up a witty team name and go, I mean, even if you aren't great at the quiz, you're in for a bants evening. 

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3. Visit your mate and sit in on their lectures


This has been said before but you should definitely visit your mates when they are at uni. Visit them and go along to one of their lectures; you won't have a clue what is going on and you'll probably be hungover when attending the lecture anyway, but that's part of the fun. I managed to sit in on 4 other lectures outside of my course and managed to learn nothing. Try not to stand out in the lecture though, you might get picked on to answer a question.

4. Host a student come dine with me

Beans on toast

Every student talks about hosting a "Come Dine With Me" evening, but no one ever gets round to doing it. You should definitely do it and before you complain about money you can do it on the cheap. Unless you're a professional chef too i'm sure your mates aren't expecting anything too flash; some easy and cheap recipes for you to do could be fajitas or pasta bake (the standard uni food). To make it cheaper say to your guest that they need bring a bottle of desired drink. The best thing about this? It's there turn to host next..

5. Fall asleep in a lecture

Fall asleep in a lecture

Someone falling asleep in a lecture is hilarious, especially if you track their progress throughout the lecture. You can always tell the students that had a heavy one the night before to those that are just plain bored. The students that had been out until 5am but still managed to make the 9am lecture would be head in hands by 09:05am, those that were bored would pay attention to half the lecture, realise it's completely pointless to listen and then choose to fall asleep (this was me on a regular basis). Have you ever fallen asleep in a lecture? Share your story below

6. Turn up to a lecture hungover and not remember what happened


You'll probably have this ticked off in the first 2-3 weeks of being at university anyway but it's still something that most people can relate to when being at uni. Most unis think it's a good idea to schedule a 9am lecture the day after the best student night out in town. I remember I had an 08:30am lecture on a Friday morning after the best student night out in the week; this is where I found my love for a voice recorder. I used to record the whole lecture then play it back later that day when I was a little less "tired" (hungover).

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7. Go on a weekend away with your flatmates

Camping at the beach

It sounds very cliche but this (if anything) is a great team bonding exercise. You get to go away on a mini break aswell as experience something completely different. Go away for a long weekend somewhere, it doesn't even have to be anywhere to flash or fancy (how about going to the local campsite about 5 miles away from your uni). Cornwall was always the standard place for me to go away with my flatmates, but then again you can't go wrong with sand, sea and of course Cornish pasties - lush. 

8. Go on a date with someone you wouldn't usually go for


Sometimes at university you need to broaden your horizons. Go on a date with someone that isn't your "type". It'll be good to change up the norm a bit and you never know you might end up having a better time with someone who you wouldn't usually go for. If you didn't enjoy the date then you don't have to do it again, but you never know unless you give something a shot. Note: only do this if you don't already have a partner. 

9. Dress up like a golfer for pub golf

Pub golf

Firstly a word of warning; pub golf gets extremely messy, very quickly. For those who haven't heard of pub golf, the aim of the game is to go round 18 different pubs drinking 1 drink in every pub. You have to sink your drink in a certain number of gulps and accumulate your score as you go along. Advice: start off with doing half the pub course first; if you don't feel well then don't continue, it's not worth it.

10. Cover your flatmates room in tin foil or newspaper

Foil prank

If you're on the receiving end of this, you have to laugh it off and applaud the effort that has been put in to cover all of your room in foil. This happened to a lad that went to my uni; he went to lectures for just 2 hours and left his door unlocked (huge school boy error), he then came back to find his room plastered in tin foil - he laughed it off and actually kept some of the tin foil up for some decoration. So fair play to him, what a lad.

Make sure to add your say in the comments below, what do you think students should do before they finish university? Get involved now.

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