The best apps for creating documents at university

Do you want to create or edit your lecture notes and essays on a tablet or on the go with your smartphone? 

There are so many document editing and creation tools (each with a variety of different features and file types) available on all of the app stores that it's almost impossible to count them all on two hands.

More and more devices are starting to become pre-installed with these apps, but hopefully you will find the ones most suited to your needs with our recommendations below:

Microsoft Office Suite

For anyone familiar with Microsoft's Office apps on PC (everyone?), you'll be pleased to know that they have released their Word, Excel and PowerPoint software in app form and they're equally as good, with each app bringing over the interface from their 2013 PC offerings.

Even though they don't have every feature from the desktop offerings, they do offer much more than comparable apps.

Of course, you can use the full office suite in desktop mode if you're using a Windows tablet. Word, Excel and PowerPoint can also be found on Google Play.

Google Drive Suite

If you want a simpler document editing suite, or if you like to collaborate with others (you'll be doing a lot of group projects at uni), then there's no better app collection than Docs, Sheets and Slides - all of the Google Drive office apps. 

All your documents are automatically saved and uploaded to Google Drive, so you will never accidentally lose any data if you run out of battery. Multiple people can also view and edit these docs at once, meaning that you can all work on group projects from your own devices.

Using Docs, Sheets and Slides (also available on Google Play) makes doing uni work seem extremely easy and much more productive.

Office Suite

If you want a non-big brand document editor, or if the other offerings aren't working with your particular files, then you should try out OfficeSuite (also available on Google Play).

The app is available for free with optional premium offerings, and allows the editing and creation of many different file types, including PDFs.


If you're prepared to spend nearly a tenner on a great document editor then Apple's Pages app for iPhone and iPad could be for you.

Pages lets you create beautiful documents with ease, and still packs in many advanced functions so that you can do more than just type text.

It even lets you back up to iCloud, and export in Microsoft Word and PDF formats! Unfortunately, this app is not available on Android devices.

Which apps do you use to do your uni work? Let us know in the comments below!

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