The best apps for keeping your data safe at university

Check out these cloud storage apps to keep your data safe at uni.

By now you must have experienced forgetting to copy a file onto your USB stick when you need it most. This problem becomes a thing of the past with cloud storage apps. 

You can access files across several devices, meaning you can create notes on your phone and then continue on your laptop without any hassle. 

There are a variety of storage options that offer a range of different sizes and features, but only the suggestions below are truly essential.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an app that is automatically installed on most android devices. Drive gives you 15GB to store your documents, photos and other files to their server and it can all be accessed from any device you download Drive onto.

The apps are also integrated with Google's document-editing suite, which means you won't lose any work as it all saves automatically. 

You can also create a Google Drive folder in the same section as your usual computer folders if you're using a PC, meaning you won't have any hassle getting your important files onto Drive.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you don't want to get involved with Google, another alternative is Microsoft's OneDrive. It operates similarly to Google Drive, but has the benefit of a deep integration within Microsoft Office on both Windows, Mac and smart devices. 

If you sign up to Office 365 you can get up to 1TB in storage space for free, which you're almost guaranteed to never fully use.

OneDrive also has a useful back-up history feature that's available online. You can go through older versions of any document, meaning that you can revive older drafts of your essays. Also available on Google Play.


Dropbox allows you to get all of your files and projects together quickly and share large files, like photos and videos, with ease. Also available on Google Play.

What other apps do you use to keep your data safe? Let us know in the comments below!

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