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Sometimes university life can get the better of you, and you'll end up missing important deadlines and events.

That is, of course, if you don't keep track of all your deadlines and things you are planning to do. Most devices have some kind of in-built calendar, but there are far cleverer and more useful apps available to keep you on track, both for term time and during the revision period. By downloading some of these, you’ll be turning up to every lecture and exam full of knowledge, confidence and lots of excitement!*

*That last one might be a lie.



Managing dates, tasks and events hasn't got to be hard if you download Todoist, an app that lets you schedule and organise reminders and notes. The app excels in allowing you to place tasks into 'projects', so you can break up parts of a essay into sections and give yourself suitable chunks of time to complete each part in. You can also organise you weeks into tasks and sync your events to compatible wearables, you'll never lose track of what you need to do next.

Download Todoist: iTunes / Google Play

Google Calendar


If you're using an Apple or Android device, you should download Google Calendar. The app lets you sync events and deadlines between devices, and you set reminders for them too, so you will never miss a lecture or deadline again. It's been updated to be both stylish and simple to use, so it has never been easier to organise your time. If your university lets you download calendar data for your lecture timetable, you can import these into Google Calendar too, putting all your events inside one app without hassle.

Download Google Calendar: iTunes / Google Play

Pomodoro Apps


If you struggle to break up your revision into chunks effectively, then you might be intrigued by apps that play on the ‘Pomodoro technique’. These apps lets you set a timer in a fairly simple app, and it counts down 25 minute (or a custom time) chunks for you to revise in, whilst giving you space for breaks too. If you procrastinate heavily, or aren't very good at planning out your revision time, then downloading one of these apps may just be the thing you need to help you ace your next exam.

Download Pomodoro Keeper: iTunes 

Download ClearFocus: Google Play 

Download Tomatime: Windows Phone


The TSR app!

TSR app

Your list of study apps wouldn't be complete without TSR!

Now we've launched our brand new and shiny app, you can always get some TSR time - even if you're on the go. 

Whether your stuck on a question, need a bit of motivation or just generally want to shoot the breeze with other students, TSR is now in your pocket and can help keep you organised and on-track. 

Here's some perks to having the app...

• Chat with your friends and other students on the go
• Get homework, coursework and revision help from A* students
• Find new friends and learn from people with similar interests and experience
• Make the right university choice by hearing what current uni students have to say
• Sharpen your debating skills in the current affairs section
• Get confidential and anonymous advice on a wide variety of topics, including education, jobs, relationships, health and much more
• Send and receive private messages from friends and other TSR members

Download our amazing app here: iTunes / Google Play


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