Things to consider when looking to find flatmates in london

If you’re moving to London, either for a short time or long term, the first days might be a bit overwhelming and the reality of the high prices of accommodation is usually a major concern as well. An increasing in popularity way to save money and to achieve a “Soft landing” upon arrival, is to find flatmates in London in a flatshare or a house share.

With expenses constantly rising, many homeowners are trying to rent rooms in their properties in order to increase yield and minimize any vacancy periods or even just to help out with the increasing utilities costs. This results in many opportunities for tenants, expats and international students to share their accommodation in London and find flatmates in London looking to buddy up or let their rooms or flats.

Understand Your Rights before flatsharing

After finding your room to rent in London, you should take notice that you are afforded some rights by law. While you may be living in another’s home, you are still an individual. Privacy is as a tenant is something that is assured. Your possessions and your post are protected under the law. Also, a landlord may not walk into your room unannounced.

Tenant’s safety and security are another component that falls under this protection. The landlord should keep the property maintained, ensure that all locks and alarms are in working order, and meet all safety regulation. You are entitled to have a copy of your tenant agreement and contact details on the landlord, as well.

Understand Your Responsibilities Before you Find Flatmates in London

Take into consideration that tenants also have some responsibilities when renting a room or a flat in London. They must pay all bills and rent on time as well as put a security deposit. You should ensure that the home remains clean and tidy and repair any damages that are caused by your actions in order not to lose your deposit. Securing the home by setting alarms and locking doors is another responsibility. The tenant agreement may include others not mentioned, and it is the tenant’s responsibility to understand them all.

The Way to Find Flatmates in London

There are several ways to find flatmates in London. You can try the “old fashioned “way of searching classified ads in the papers or flyers in the universities, however – in this case, the ads are usually non updated and you’ll lose a lot of time inquiring on flats or rooms which are already rented.

A more popular way these days to find flatmates in London is to search online on website designated to assist locals, expats and students in London and in other cities across the UK to find rooms in London, meet and chat online with new flatmates in a secure, fast and easy way. Another benefit of renting your room online is that in enabled you to see detailed profiles of other flatmates and chat online with them, you can also contact private home owners directly, saving a lot of money on agency fees, fees which can be used in a wiser way, like in the neighbourhood pub next to your new home in London.