What excites you the most about starting uni?

So you’re getting ready to go to university - how are you feeling? You’re probably nervous but we’re guessing also really excited

There is so much to look forward to when you start uni. What can you relate to in our list? Here are the top 10 entries from our golden thread discussing just that – what excites you the most about starting uni? 


Member Ayemariec

Living by myself. I know people say that's the most daunting part but I'm ready to make my own decisions and learn what it means to be independent.

But also…. independence from your family

Member Elastichedgehog

Freedom within my own living quarters. I'll be able to deal with my mess appropriately and be in charge of my own schedule instead of having my parents complain about how things get done now…Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them entirely I'm just looking forward to being independent is all

Making new friends and meeting like-minded people


Member Tsrsarahhh


Looking forward to making new and lasting friendships and maybe even reconnecting with old friends I haven't really talked to in a while.

Member KieranRundle

Probably just to meet likeminded people! Having discussions and working/socialising alongside them!

Studying your passion subject

Member Chary19

I'm most looking forward to expanding my knowledge in a subject that I'm most passionate about.

…and the projects or placements you’ll get to work on

Member Amefish

I'm also looking forward to field trips I'll have the opportunity to go on... Tenerife, here I come!

Or if extra-curricular activities are more your thing…


Member BB8

University sport!! My mum (who captained her uni hockey team) says it was one of the best parts of uni for her

Member Bewardy98

Being able to join lots of different societies

Member Bs15x_esther

Cooking all kinds of food (90% of which may go horribly wrong but the process and laughs involved are probs worth the mess and sickness)


Member BethanyC23

Buying cute nursing accessories! There are some of the cutest fob watches!!

Member Moeshaaodonkorr

As silly as it sounds...UNI SHOPPING. Literally so excited to buy stuff for my room - I've been going crazy watching uni hauls on Youtube

Making halls feel like home

Member LucyRose31

I'm most excited about having my own space, which I can decorate as I like

Nightlife. Chilling or parties – which do you prefer?


Member Div7698

Meeting new people and then getting steamin everynight of the week... I mean, learning! Yay!

Member Rachleah

Chilled out nights with my flat mates playing cards against humanity and stuff like that

Getting to know a new city, a new country or new cultures

Member Bubbles198


Moving to a new city and making new friends! Even though London will forever be my home I'm excited to venture out on my own to establish myself somewhere else

Member Anasaid

All the people in your dorm have come from various parts of the country (and the world!), and you wouldn't normally meet them if you weren't in this situation

Member Ishb_

Since I am an international student, meeting new people from a foreign country tops the list of reasons why am I excited to go to university

Exploring the world and learning about yourself

Member Xxaniikaaxx

I just wanna move somewhere far and explore the world for myself

Member Imjustnotnormal


I'm looking forward to a new perspective on life and discovering what kind of person I want to be and not what others want me to be. I am looking forward to developing myself and trying for the first time ever to be unapologetically me.