What you can do while you're waiting for your uni offers

So you've sent in your uni applications and now you're playing the waiting game, either trying to think about something else or constantly refreshing Track in the hope that a decision has just been made. It's a bit of a no-man's-land, really. Your application is out there and being considered, but you have no idea who's looking at it or when they're actually going to say yay or nay. 

Although TSR can't put a turbo-boost on your application process, there is plenty of help on here to lower those stress levels during this nailbiting time. 

If the waiting is all getting a bit much and you need to let off some steam, make sure your first stop is the 'The 'waiting for news is sooooo stressful' uberthread 2013-14'. Check the first post (by TSR's resident unis expert Minerva) for some essential advice on how long you can expect to wait, then join in the conversation to find out how other people are getting on. 

Then there are the brilliant 'stalking pages'. If you're new to TSR, you might not have come across these before. These article pages are set up for all sorts of different unis and courses - people add themselves to the list, sharing the course they're applying for, the grades they've got (or have been predicated) and, eventually, whether they've received an offer or not. 

It's a really useful way to see what it takes to get an offer at the unis you're applying to. Check out the bottom of this article for a list of the most popular stalking pages on TSR - or use the search box at the top of the page to hunt down others. If you can't find one for a particular uni, you can always start up your own.

And, of course, the university- and course-specific forums are priceless. You'll find applicant discussions in each of these - just find your course... 

Arts and Humanities University Courses 
Maths, Science and Technology University Courses 
Medical, Health and Life Sciences University Courses (or, go here for med schools
Social Science University Courses 
...or find your uni, and look for discussions marked '2014 applicants'.
List of UK universities 

Finally, if you've not yet sent off your application - don't panic, there's still time. For most unis and courses, the deadline is 15 January. Our personal statement help section is the perfect place to refine your application. 

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