Academic ecs

Firstly, what are academic ECs (extracurriculars)? Academic ECs are activites that you pursue outside school/sixth-form/college hours that are related to your work or your future plans e.g. university choices. These are really good for university applications as they show you have enthusiasm and passion for your chosen subject at university, and it also shows you can go beyond the curriculum and expand your horizons. Bear in mind that there is a difference between academic ECs and non-academic ECs e.g. participating in sport.

Here are a few examples that you might like to consider if you are applying for university or just simply want to do it. N.B. some academic ECs can be applied to other subjects e.g. reading around the subject can be applied to pratically any subject of your choice. Also, some academic ECs may not be related to your chosen degree, e.g. doing computer programming is hardly related to an English degree is it? You can edit this webpage if you feel like it, just PLEASE, don't erase information as one may find it useful if you don't find it useful yourself. Also, you may find out that some of these listed are not academic ECs, such as work experience, but if you were applying for Medicine for example, then it would be highly relevant, though not necessarily academic in these terms.

List of academic ECs:

  • Reading around your subject
  • Taking part in relevant work experience
  • Part time relevant job
  • Computer programming
  • Participating in Headstart courses
  • Suscribing to relevant magazines, journals etc
  • Shadowing a politician, barrister etc
  • Taking part in public speaking/debating
  • Publishing academic work
  • Spending time in a university labaratory
  • Listening in to academic talks
  • Taking part in relevant conferences
  • Teaching your subject to younger students
  • Giving speeches about your subject
  • Doing University-level papers for fun
  • Going to academic competitions