Applying for medicine whilst on a different course


This article is to do with applying for medicine while in the first year of another degree and was made possible by krisblade and blackraven so a big thank you to them for contacting all of the universities and asking their opinions. Some of the policies have been taken from the medical school's own websites.

CAUTION: A word of warning.

Most of this information is up to date for 2014. Do not apply to any universities listed here without confirming your eligibility beforehand. These checks were originally carried out in April 2010, and were carried out again in june 2013 for 2014 entry. Ensure that the policy has not changed for your particular year of entry!


OKAY - confirmed for 2014 entry

Medical Schools who are willing to consider these applicants

BSMS – "Entry is only into year 1 of BSMS, on the basis of either A level (or similar) qualifications achieved or completed degree qualifications (e.g. a class 2(i) honours degree). We do not accept requests for entry with advanced standing into other years of the course due to the integrated nature of our curriculum. Partly completed degree grades will not normally be accepted as an entry qualification for BSMS." OKAY

Cambridge – “Please note that the Cambridge Colleges will not normally, as a matter of principle, consider applications from students attending other UK universities applying to study the same or a very similar subject at Cambridge. If you wish to make such an application, it will have to be strongly supported by your tutor at your current university. A reference or letter of recommendation from him/her to the Cambridge College will be required, and only then can a Cambridge College consider it. If you wish to apply to Cambridge to study a different subject from the one you are currently studying at university, we would assume that you have had a change of heart and no longer wish to study the subject you are currently pursuing. In this case your application would be considered, but would still need strong support from your current university tutor.” OKAY

Glasgow – “Applications from applicants, who have commenced a degree programme other than medicine, can apply through UCAS and have their application considered, providing they meet entry requirements within the last five years of the entry date. Priority will be given to applicants who are school leavers, graduates or completing access courses" OKAY

Imperial – “Although there would be nothing to prevent you from making an application whilst enrolled on a course elsewhere, it should be noted that the selection panel will not look upon this too favourably.” OKAY

Leicester – “We would consider an application from a student in the first year of another course.” *this is only up to date for 2012

Newcastle – “such applicants can only apply to Stage 1 and are advised to include a short statement on their UCAS form as to why they do not intend to complete their current degree.” OKAY


Plymouth – “We are happy to accept applications from candidates currently studying other programmes, however, please be aware that we are not able to transfer credits or otherwise fast-track students with previous study. All potential students must submit a new application through UCAS and begin from the first year of the programme. The entry requirements would depend on when you took your A-levels or equivalent. If two years or less have passed since completing A-levels, you would still be classed as a direct school leaver, and as such would need to meet our standard A-level, GCSE and UKCAT requirements. If it has been two years or more since completing A-levels, you would be classed as a non-direct school leaver, and would need to sit the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT). Your previous study or A-levels would not be considered in this case, the GAMSAT score is the sole entry requirement for non-direct school leaver applicants.” OKAY

Exeter – “We do accept applications from students who are currently in the first year of another degree. If it has been less than two years since you have completed your A Levels, you are required to take the UKCAT test. Additionally, we will typically require A*AA-AAA at A level. We would specifically require A level chemistry and either Biology or Physics. Biology must be achieved at a minimum of grade C at AS level if not taken at A level. You are required to achieve four AS levels at a minimum of grade C.” OKAY

QUB - "Applicants who had initially applied for Medicine and who are either repeating Alevels or who have already achieved the relevant A and AS-level qualifications, are strongly advised not to commence an alternative degree course. If they have done so, all examinations taken must have been passed." OKAY


St Andrews – “Undergraduates who are in FIRST year of an undergraduate programme will be considered if they have fulfilled our academic entry requirements before they began their undergraduate course. They must apply by the deadline of 15 October and have sat the UKCAT that year. We will not consider applicants who have progressed to second year. Meeting minimum entry requirements will not guarantee an offer - grades will have to be competitive with grades of all those applying at the same time. No credit for the undergraduate year is given as all entrants must do the full 6 years of the medical degree. For both graduates and undergraduates, a reference from their university tutor commenting on their academic performance and suitability for medicine should be part of their UCAS application” OKAY

Medical Schools who are not willing to consider these applicants

These are all correct as of 2014 entry

Aberdeen – “Our usual advice in these circumstances is to complete the current degree to at least 2:1 Honours level and then apply for graduate entry to Medicine.” OKAY

Barts – “The School of Medicine and Dentistry does not accept applicants who have not completed their degree courses... You must work to finish your degree course and apply via UCAS for either the five year or graduate entry programme.” OKAY

Birmingham – "We do not normally consider applicants who withdraw from other courses." OKAY

Bristol – “Applicants who embark on a degree course are expected to complete their degree and then apply as a graduate.” OKAY

Cardiff – “Unfortunately we do not consider applicants who are in their first year of a degree or applicants who withdraw.” OKAY

Dundee - “They [The selectors] also do not consider applications from students currently studying other subjects at a University. Such students would have to complete their degree and apply as a graduate” OKAY


UEA – “We do not accept applications from candidates who are in the first year of a degree elsewhere.” OKAY

Edinburgh – “We would not normally encourage an application from anyone who was currently on-course and was not due to complete their qualification in the year of application.”

HYMS - “Thank you for your email and your interest in HYMS. If you start the degree at another university you must complete it before applying to medical school (you can apply in your final year of the course if you are predicted a 2:1).” OKAY

Keele – “We regret that we do not consider applications from students on degree courses in other subjects who wish to transfer without first completing their degree.” OKAY

KCL - “Applicants with incomplete qualifications (e.g. withdrawing from a programme of study) cannot be considered for Medicine. You will need to complete your current degree before you can apply to study Medicine.” OKAY

Lancaster - "No, you would have to finish your degree first." OKAY

Leeds - “At Leeds we do discourage applicants from starting out on another degree course if they intend to apply for medicine. The reasons for this is that it is not fair to other applicants who may have been rejected for that course and it also isn’t fair to the course the student is on as they are losing students elsewhere. We do advise that applicants who have commenced another degree course should complete that course and then apply as a graduate applicant for medicine.” OKAY

Liverpool - “We will not consider applications from people on an undergraduate degree programme. You must have completed the programme and been awarded the degree prior to submission of your application.”

Manchester - “We only consider undergraduates applying a the start of their final year with a minimum 2.1 degree prediction”

Nottingham – “We do not accept applications from students who are already on a course and we would require that an applicant has withdrawn from any previous degree course... An applicant would need to have a strong personal statement that is backed up with relevant proof to show their motivation for a career in medicine that was not there when they applied for a different degree.”

Oxford - states on their prospectus for 2014 entry that they do not consider those applications

Sheffield – “Thank you for your email. We do not encourage people to withdraw from a current course of study before or during our application cycle. We look for a level of commitment here, therefore is it advisable to complete the course prior to applying here. ” OKAY

St Georges - “If a candidate is already enrolled on a degree course and is partway through (first or second year), we will not consider an application to MBBS5. Candidates are required to complete the degree and apply to us as a graduate.”

Southhampton – “Unfortunately we would not consider an application from a first year degree holder. You would need to complete the degree in order to be eligible to apply for our Graduate programme. You can apply in your final year or with a completed degree.” OKAY


UCL - “If you have started a different degree programme then you should complete that course of study and then apply for medicine as a graduate. Applications from students who have failed to complete a degree course will not be considered.” OKAY