Applying to uni advice and help

Applying to uni? Here's a list of our top advice and resources that thousands of students use every year. We're always updating and creating new help guides based on student feedback and any changes made in the further and higher education sector so it's worth checking our applying to uni homepage for the latest content every month.

Researching universities


Researching uni resources on The Student Room: 
Our A-Z guide of UK and international universities 
Find the dates for uni open days in our university calendar

Writing your personal statement


Personal statement help on The Student Room: 
Have a question? Speak to our PS advisers 
Personal statement help 
Write your personal statement with our free PS builder tool 
Example personal statements by subject 
Example personal statements by university library

Making your uni choices


Uni decisions help on The Student Room: 
Get advice in our Applications and UCAS forum 
Speak to other applicants in our uni forums 
We have a uni course forum for every subject 
Student Finance England zone


Meeting your uni offer


Study and revision resources on The Student Room: 
Create your own free smart study planner 
Revision advice and guidance 
Applying to uni advice

Preparing for results day


Results day advice on The Student Room: 
A-level results 
Scottish Highers & Advance Highers advice
International baccalaureate advice
BTEC advice


Clearing advice

UCAS Clearing advice on The Student Room: 
More Clearing advice 
Speak to one of our uni advisers in our Applications and UCAS forum 
Exam result advice and information


Advice for Freshers on The Student Room:
More starting uni advice 
Official Student Finance England Zone
Get a taste of uni life from our Fresher blogs

Careers advice on The Student Room:
Jobs, careers & employment advice 
Apprenticeships advice
ArmyJobs guide