Applying to uni: How The Student Room can help you

The Student Room community has helped millions of students get into uni in the last 15 years. Our expert, diverse and totally awesome community of students, teachers, admissions tutors and parents are able to answer any of your questions about the university application process. 

applying to uni

Feeling confused about researching your uni choices? We can help with that. Not sure how to improve your personal statement? We can help with that too. Last minute questions about making sure your application is spot on? Yep we can help with that too. Feeling under pressure about who to choose for your firm and insurance choices? Yup, you can count on us to help. Anticipating sleepless nights about results day? Don't worry, we’ll all be here to help on your exam results day and the moment you find out whether you’ve made your grades. Whatever happens, we’ve got your back.

We some super chat forums and online tools which are dedicated to helping students like you get all the information you need to make informed choices that will help you find your perfect uni.

Applying to uni step-by-step

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered and it’s all on one page! Over the years we have created hundreds of articles, written from personal experience and designed to ensure you get into your favourite uni. 

All of our advice guides are mentioned on this page and as the university cycle progresses we update it with a guide to a month and what you need to do to make sure you meet all the key UCAS deadlines. Phew! 

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The applications & UCAS forum

This is main forum for all general application questions. If you have a question and would like it to be answered by a student who has had a similar experience, you’ve come to the right place. Other members who work in university admissions or teach might also give you some brilliant advice. Parents who have learned from their own children’s experiences of applying to uni are also a brilliant resource. Make the most of these members. 

You’ll notice that some discussions are shaded in orange. These are called sticky threads and are key advice threads created by our university support team who all have expertise in these areas. These stickies are changed depending on where we are in the applicant cycle. It’s definitely worth watch this watching this forum. 

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Uni Match BETA

We asked a group of students how The Student Room could help them even 
more with applying to uni. They asked us to create a uni course search which included personal student reviews of the course and university. Their wish was our command! We now have a brilliant course search called Uni Match which will refine results based on where you want to live in the UK and your predicted grades. You can also use this tool to speak to students who are studying at the unis you’re interested in and chat with them about their experiences as well as reading their reviews. 
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Uni Match » 

Personal Statement Builder

It’s probably going to be the first time you’ve ever had to write something under pressure that has to sell you. It’s totally natural to feel a little bit nervous about what you should include. To help guide you through this we create a PS builder which makes sure you include all the key bits and checks your final draft for any common clichés. Believe us when we say we’ve seen it all. If you have questions along the way we have a personal statement advice forum where you can chat to personal statement advisers and other community members about your worries and ask your questions. No question is silly, please ask it, we’d much rather help you iron the problem out now than face disappointment after sending off your application. 
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Meeting your offer

You’ve made your firm and insurance choices and now the real hard work begins – meeting your offer! But don’t worry, we’ve got that handled too. We’ve got thousands of student and teacher resources across all exam of the main exam boards. 

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results day

Supporting you on results day

We make sure we’re super prepared for every UK results day. Each year our very experienced team of university advisers is given a refresher by a member of the UCAS team to ensure that we continue to give you professional and A* advice. Many of our key community members who have years of experience log on to congratulate members who have achieved their place and support students who are still waiting to hear if they have a place or are considering Clearing.

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