The AS12 email: what you need to know

Updated 5 August 2021: Ucas has announced that from summer 2021, applicants will not receive an AS12 Confirmation email once their university place is confirmed. Instead, you'll be sent details of what you need to do and when either through your Track account or directly from your university or college. 

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The AS12 Confirmation email - also known just as the AS12 letter - is a letter that is sent from UCAS. It tells you that your place at a university has been confirmed, and lists your course choice. Once you have received this, you know you are definitely going to university, unless you change your mind.

Who gets an AS12 email?

Everyone will get an AS12 letter to confirm their acceptance on a course at the university that has accepted them. You will receive an AS12 if:

  • You held an unconditional firm offer
  • You held a conditional firm offer which has now become unconditional for the course you applied for, or an alternative course
  • You held a conditional insurance offer which has now become unconditional, if you were unsuccessful with your firm choice.
  • You have received and accepted an offer through clearing

When will I receive the AS12 email?

UCAS will send your AS12 letter shortly after your place is confirmed. For most people, this will be after they have received their results. Some lucky people may receive theirs on results day, but this is not guaranteed. They tend to arrive on the Friday or the Saturday afterwards.

People who were given an unconditional offer will be sent theirs as soon as they have picked their firm choice in May. This only applies if your firm choice is unconditional, and not if your firm was conditional and you only have an unconditional insurance.

Can I see examples of an AS12 email?

Yes you can find them on the UCAS website.

What do I do with the AS12 email?

There are three types of AS12 letter depending on what action the uni wants you to take. So you will need to read it very carefully and follow the instructions.

AS12 The uni is assuming that you are accepting the offer so you don't need to take any action unless you want to defer entry to the next year. In this case you must contact them immediately.

AS12B The uni wants you to let them know whether or not you are going to take up the place. The AS12B letter tells you how to contact them and what information you should provide. You have 14 days to reply; if you don't, you risk losing your place. If you're not going to take up the place the uni can offer it to someone else.

AS12N The uni only wants you to the AS12N letter reply if you are not going to take up the place. This will allow them to offer the place to someone else.

You should also check the university and course listed. If either are not correct, then contact the university concerned.

If you are away you will need someone at home who is willing to open your post and follow the instructions in the letter. As it comes directly from UCAS it will be in a UCAS branded envelope, and so should be easy to identify. However, it would be wise to only ask a parent or guardian to do this.

What else do I need my AS12 for?

If you are planning to open a student bank account, they will want confirmation that you are going to university. They will usually ask to see your AS12 letter as proof. Head over to our Student Finance Zone for more information about managing your money at university.