11 unusual courses in Clearing

They say you can study anything you want at university, but did you know that some of the more unusual courses at uni are available to apply for through Clearing this year? 

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Hundreds of courses are already in Clearing, however keep in mind that many more universities and courses can appear on A level results day (13 August) too.

So if you've missed your offer, had a change in heart, or want to try studying something a bit different, then one of these unusual courses might take your fancy.

1) Applied Golf Management Studies

Available at: The University of Birmingham 
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This golfing course (no pun intended) may sound like fun, but it is also very educational as it takes you through many roles of coaching, material design and the business side of things.

This unique degree programme is a partnership between the University and the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). As the only degree of its kind in the world, it gives you the chance of combining a high-level applied theoretical degree with membership of the PGA (subject to application). In the 2012 National Student Survey, 100 per cent of students said that overall they were satisfied with the quality of our Applied Golf Management course.

2) Horology

Available at: Birmingham City University 
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If you think it's time to study an obscure yet interesting science then horology could be the course for you. 

Horology is the art and science of time measurement, and the study of devices, both mechanical and electronic, used to show the passing of time. The course is designed to attract, train and educate students in horology.

3) Brewing and Distilling

Available at: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 
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Studying this degree would mean you wouldn't have to just leave the drink for the weekends.

The programme is organised in co-operation with senior representatives of the brewing, malting and distilling industries who are members of the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling. It is designed to provide a full understanding of the science and technology of the processes involved from cereal farming through to bottling and packaging.

4) Viticulture and Oenology

Available at: Plumpton College 
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If a brew is not your thing then perhaps you should try wine-making instead.

This is the only European undergraduate degree in wine production taught in English. Graduates from this course have become vineyard managers, winemakers, wine buyers, cellar managers, wine educators, project scientists and oenologists.

5) Leather Technology (Leather Science)

Available at: University of Northampton 
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If you are excited by the chance to enter the leather business (at any point of the supply chain), then studying leather technology at university may just be the ticket of admission that you desire.

People who want to explore this diverse and exciting industry at the only university in the UK to have its own working tannery are invited to apply for this flexible degree programme available with a number of course options. This course explores all stages of the leather supply process within this small, but diverse industry



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6) Peace Studies

Available at: The University of Bradford 
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If you want to make a difference to the world you might be interested in this course to learn how to keep the peace strong.

This degree is located within the Division of Peace Studies, an internationally recognised centre for excellence in teaching and research on peace and conflict issues. Within the Division, staff and students are working on a wide range of themes that bear on prospects for peace in the 21st century.

7) War Studies

Available at: The University of Birmingham (and others) 
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If peace studies is not your thing, then you might be interested in war studies instead.

Can we understand our world without understanding the violent forces which created it? War Studies helps us do that, not only in the realm of power politics, but also in the culture which surrounds us from day to day.

8) Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance

Available at: Bath Spa University 
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The Bath Spa University provides the chance to become a clown - what other degree offers this?

A unique course run in partnership with Circomedia - the leading centre for circus with physical theatre in Europe. 
This course teaches individuals to be performers in the broadest sense of the word. Contemporary circus is a fusion of artforms and incorporates physical theatre and movement as well as traditional circus skills.

9) Animal Behaviour

Available at: University of Chester 
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This course will interest those who want to know why animals do what they do.

The study of how and why animals behave as they do is a fascinating subject and in recent years there have been enormous theoretical advances in this field. The study of animal behaviour at Chester is an exciting mixture of hands-on experience and rigorous theory-based academic study.

10) Digital Security, Forensics and Ethical Hacking

Available at: Glasgow Caledonian University 
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Hacking isn't just for movies, as many companies including Google find hackers increasingly valuable in order to protect sensitive information. You could be advising these companies on how to protect themselves, if you graduate with this degree.

Digital Security, Forensics and Ethical Hacking develops the theory and practical skills of how illegal computer attacks are performed and how to counteract them, explores the nature of digital evidence and focuses on the law and issues surrounding computer crime.

11) Baking Technology Management

Available at: London South Bank University 
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Bake a name for yourself with this degree course provided by London South Bank University: having your own cake business no longer has to be a pipe dream!

This progression route is for students wishing to take their baking careers further and top up to a full degree. Building on existing technical skills and knowledge, students are introduced to scientific and business methodology, and consider the industry’s social and economic contexts.

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