UCAS Clearing FAQ

Here is a collection of Clearing FAQs, courtesy of UCAS. Have any more questions? Visit our Clearing and Adjustment page in the TSR exam results hub or our UCAS University Clearing and Adjustment 2018 FAQ thread

Q. How does Clearing work, and how do I get to it?

A. You'll be eligible for Clearing if you don't hold any offers after 30 June. You'd add a Clearing choice on Track in the 'Your choices' section and then it would be down to the university to accept or decline your choice. It's recommended that you speak to the university directly before you add a Clearing choice to make sure they definitely still have vacancies and whether you meet the requirements for the course.

Q. When I’ve found a course I like in Clearing, how do I apply for it? 
A. You will need to add the course as your Clearing choice in the ‘Your Choices’ section of Track once you have a verbal offer from the university. 

Q. How can I search for courses in Clearing? 
A. By accessing the full Clearing vacancy list from 6th July on the UCAS website. Vacancies we'll be consistently added during July and August as they become available. 

Q. If I haven't applied for any course for September 2016, could I still apply through Clearing since my results are better than I expected? 
A. If you haven't applied yet then you can still apply. Any application you send to UCAS now will be entered straight into Clearing. It's worth you doing the research in to the universities you may be interested in first before you submit an application to make sure they have vacancies and whether you meet the entry requirements. 

Q. Can a university offer me a place before Clearing opens if I already have my results? 
A. It's at the universities discretion whether they can offer you a place now or whether they want to wait until August. If the course is closed it will be because they have set it as closed for new applicants. It's very easy for this to change though, the universities just need to update the vacancies online so you can apply for this course now.

Q. How low can my grades be to apply for a course at clearing? 
A. The entry requirements vary from each university, you'll need to speak to the universities you're interested in and ask them if they can consider you with the qualifications you've received. You'll be able to find the entry requirements for the courses on the university website

Q. Can I apply for the same course at the uni that declined me in the first place? 
A. That is possible if the university has vacancies through Clearing. However, if you already have a firm and insurance choice and have now got an unconditional firm offer from them because you have met the entry requirements you would have to be asked to be put into Clearing. This can be a risky strategy so it's a good idea to speak to the university directly that declined you originally to see if they would now consider you with your confirmed grades. 

Q. On results day, if you don't get the results you need but still get into your insurance BUT don't want to go there, can you go into Clearing in the university you didn't get into i.e. your firm choice university for a different course? 
A. That is possible, it'll depend on your firm choice having vacancies and you meeting the requirements on the course. You'd need to speak to the university and ask them if they would be able to accept you through Clearing. However, it's worth remembering that if your firm choice could have offered you an alternative course choice in the first place if the grades met the requirements.

Q. Can I still get an offer if one of my results didn't meet the university requirements by a small margin? The other results besides this one are much higher than required. Or is it a closed deal? 
A. It is still possible to be accepted if you just meet your conditions. This will depend on the universities you're applying to. If you're concerned that you have just missed the conditions it may be worth calling the university to see if they can still accept you or potentially consider you for a different course instead.

Q. I'm a student applying from outside the UK. MY IELTS result is coming only the day after Clearing opens so I left that empty in the application. Is there any way I can update that after I get the result? 
A. Once you receive your IELTS results you'd need to send them to the universities you're applying to directly so they can make a final decision on your application form.

Q. Is it okay to go ahead and create a Clearing application for university ‘X’? They've pretty much told me there are sufficient UCAS points attained, they're just checking my reference now. 
A. It would be worth having a final confirmation from university ‘X’ before you add them as a Clearing choice. This could save you time at a later date if you need to apply elsewhere if university ‘X’ say they can no longer accept your application.

Q. Last time I used UCAS was 3 years ago when I was still in college. I forgot my username and the email address is an old one. I want to apply for a course today. Should I make a new account or is there a way to restore it? 
A. You won't be able to use your old application to apply again, you'd need to re-register and complete a new application for 2014 entry. 

Q. What is the difference between Clearing and Adjustment? 
A. Clearing is for applicants who don't hold an offer towards the end of the academic cycle. Adjustment is for applicants who meet and exceed the conditions of the firm choice and might be thinking about looking for an alternative course. If an applicant tries Adjustment but they don't find a suitable course then they'll still keep the course they obtained on results day.