Ucas extra and clearing 2012

Hello Everyone!

I'm writing here in order to receive some information on UCAS extra and clearing. I know that you will have to look into course search to find vacancies for whatever Uni or course you wish to do. My concern is that if a Uni has no place in Extra, will they have any for Clearing? Or is that it, as in there are no more places?

Thank you to anyone who answers!

Extra is where they still have places to make offers because:

a) not enough suitable applicants applied

b) more students than expected declined their offer.

Clearing has places created because of:

a) Students do not make their firm offer, and either go to their insurance or into clearing.

b) Students do not take up their insurance because they made their firm or missed both and went into clearing.

c) Students who just pull out as they decide to ask for deferred entry, or just not go to Uni at that point.

So extra and clearing places are not linked.