Contact ucas

UCAS Customer Service Unit: 0871 468 0 468

This service is usually open Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 18:00 (UK time). Sometimes they are also open at other times, such as just before the 15th October deadline - if this happens a message will be posted on the UCAS Contact Us Page.

I'm too shy to talk to anyone. Can I use email/fax?

Not really, sorry. Short of posting a letter to them, the only real way to contact UCAS is by telephone. You may however be able to do simple things like update your personal details using the UCAS Track Service.

About this page

I created this page because I was sick of copying and pasting the UCAS phone number so many times. If any Wiki editors want to link, to this page, simply add [[contact UCAS]] into your page using the Edit screen.