Getting into higher education with an access diploma in health science

1. General Introduction to the area

The Access Diploma in Health Science is the perfect course for those seeking access to health related higher education courses (degrees) but without the traditional qualifications to study at university.

If you’d like to study for a degree and embark on a career such as chiropractic, exercise science, community health and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, osteopathy or health sciences than the Access Diploma in Health Science course at the AECC could be perfect for you – there’s no upper age limit, the course lasts for one year and is studied part time with weekend lessons making in the perfect course for those who are looking for a change in career.

2. What graduates earn and do

Graduates of the Access Diploma in Health Science can go on to study further degrees and complete careers within the Health Science industry. A number of graduates will go on to work within the NHS while others will work at private institutions, within their local community, at sports clubs or start their own medical practices.

If you are passionate about technology or science, and about helping others, a career in health can offer a wide range of opportunities and satisfaction for you as you’ll play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medicine and rehabilitation.

3. Prospects

There are opportunities in Health Care Science for anyone who has an interest in the field – regardless of what level of qualifications they have. The point of entry into the industry will depend on qualifications and previous work experience.

4. Why complete an Access course at the AECC?

We spoke to an Access student studying at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth to find out what they thought of the course:

Why have you chosen the Access course? I lacked the necessary science background for direct entry.

Why have you chosen AECC for your studying? AECC is reputable, close to the beach and multicultural.

What are your experiences at the AECC? Those on the BSc programme have all been very welcoming and helpful. Regularly attend college bar and open mic nights with 3rd and 4th years.

What do you think about your progression? Do you think about future study at the AECC? In many ways we are at an advantage over those with direct entry. We have a great foundation for the BSC programme as we have familiarised ourselves with college practices and have had opportunities to both observe and be treated in the AECC clinic.

What is the best part of the course? The Access course is made up of both practical and theoretical elements, so is quite varied week to week. We have all made great friendships for life and are looking forward to moving in together next year for the BSc/MChiro programme.

5. Where are the jobs?

The largest employer in the health sector is the National Health Service (NHS) which employs more than 1.7 million people in the UK. Jobs are also available across a wide range of sectors and organisations.

• Public Health

• Allied Health Professionals

• Academic and research

• Health Management

• Sports Clubs

6. Jobs directly related to degree

A health science degree can allow you to study for a variety of jobs and careers. Disciplines include:

• Physiotherapist

• Occupational Therapist

• Nurse

• Exercise Scientist

• Chiropractor

• Community Health and Rehabilitation Worker

• Nutritionist

• Osteopath

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