Important ucas dates for 2012 entry

These dates have all been confirmed by UCAS.

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Mid September 2011 - Applications can be submitted through UCAS

15th October 2011 - Deadline for applications for Oxbridge and Medical, Veterinary Medicine/Science and Dentistry applications (incl. non UK/EU applicant).

15th January 2012 - Deadline for most other applications to have equal consideration and this applies to non-EU applications too (except for some art and design courses which have a later deadline).

16th January 2012 - 30th June 2012 - Students can make applications but universities only have to consider them if they still have places available. See the page on Late applications

24th March 2012 - Deadline for 'on-time' other art and design applications (note, some have a 15th January 2012 deadline).

31st March 2011 - Date universities will usually have made a decision about your application if you sent it before the 15th January deadline. (However, it may take longer than this in some cases.)

9th May 2012 - The date you need to make a decision on your firm and insurance choice if all your universities responded by the 31st March deadline.

10th May 2012 - All universities must have replied to your application, if submitted on or before 15 January, by this date, otherwise UCAS will mark them as unsuccessful.

7th June 2012 - The date you need to make a decision on your firm and insurance choice if all your decisions are in by 7th May 2012.

30th June 2012 - Deadline for all non-EU applications (however you need to apply before 15 January to receive guaranteed equal consideration and, given visa requirements, it is recommended that non-EU applicants try to apply by 15th January wherever possible)

It is also the deadline for UCAS to send EU applications directly to the universities. After this date all applications will enter directly into clearing.


24th February 2012 - UCAS Extra opens

4th July 2012 - UCAS Extra closes

Clearing and Adjustment

7th August 2012 - SQA Results Day. Start of Scottish Clearing vacancy information service

16th August 2012 - A Level Results Day, Start of English, Welsh and Northern Irish Clearingvacancy information service. Adjustment opens.

31st August 2012 - Adjustment closes.

20th September 2012 - The deadline for new applications for 2012 entry.

30th September 2012 - The UCAS clearing vacancies search closes. Contact universities directly after this date but choices can still be added on UCAS Track.