List of things to take with you if you plan to study abroad

With so many students choosing to study abroad, be that for one year or the duration of your degree, it's important to know what you'll need to take with you. Don't know what to take? This article should help you work out what you need.

Don't Forget

  • Flights can be expensive - consider also the price of taking large amounts of luggage with you. Can you afford to take as much luggage as you want? Think about the cost of extra storage space.
  • Think about the logistics. If you plan to take a lot of things, can you carry them all yourself? Transport to/from airports isn't cheap either!
  • You won't be able to pop home one weekend to pick up that forgotten phone charger or that comfy, old 'wear-round-the-house-to-keep-you-warm' jumper - or anything else for that matter!

The List

Wondering what you'll need to take with you? This list, written by TSR members, should help you pack the right things.


  • Passport
  • Visas (if needed)
  • Multiple photocopies of passport and any other ID
  • Other travel documents i.e. plane tickets!
  • Enrolment forms and other university documents
  • Driving Licence (International if required)
  • Phrase Book
  • Laptop
  • Webcam (for Skype, MSN etc)
  • Plug Adaptors
  • Cards/Cash/Cheques
  • Some clothes (You never know when you'll get to buy new ones)
  • An open attitude
  • Cheap Digital Camera


  • A novel to read during the flight