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2017 Applicants

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edanski History Emmanuel 5A*s 4As 2Bs History, Classical Civilisation, Spanish, French (dropped) AAAC A*A*A 2 Cambridge History Taster days that were competitive, 1 Cambridge Summer School (competitive again), summer 2015 I did a World Challenge Charity Expedition thing to Malaysia, summer 2016 I spent a month on a language and culture scholarship in Shanghai at the East China Normal University (had to fund raise £4000 for Malaysia and £2,500 for China by myself), best score in my year for History at GCSE and AS. I can't remember GCSE but for AS I got 49/50 on 1 paper and 40/50 on another-not as good as some people but still pretty good (I hope lol), I've done History tutoring for Y11s near exam time, general reading of primary and secondary material Yas-6.12.16 D: TBA
Ruthie2267 History Newnham 7 A*s 3 As History, English Lit, Psychology, French (dropped) AAAA A*A*A Did UNIQ for a subject I'm not applying for whoops, an actual history summer school, general reading, a couple of public lectures but that's it really D: Yes :) TBA
SteamboatMickey History Selwyn 3 A*s, 3 B's, 2 C's 1 D, 1 E (I only had a few months of Secondary school, and no teaching at all for two subjects) English Literature, English Language, History AAB (100% in most exams, one exam went very badly - again, extenuating circumstances and the B grade is very high) A*A*A*A* (EPQ included) Wrote a degree History essay when I was 12, attend local History lectures and talks at my local , socialise with established Historians from my local area, History tutor, top 5% in my college but have only had 1.5 years of school since Primary Yes  
pamplemousse. MML Newnham 4A*s 3As 4Bs :/ French, English Lit, History, Politics (dropped) A(99% French)AAB A*A*A* UNIQ, lots of reading, writing for Bronte Gazette etc, in short film and radio TBA TBA
FrenchNerd2 MML (French and ab inito Portuguese) Trinity Hall 5 A* 7 A French, History, Maths, Sociology (dropped) AAAA A*A*A UNIQ, Sutton Trust Summer School, doing the Linguistics Olympiad in January, pianist... not much else 2 interviews and an admissions test on 9/12/17 I'm in?????
blue2337 Linguistics Clare 10A*s English Language, English Literature, History, Classical Civilisation (AS) AAAA A*A*A* Entered Trinity essay comp., won school essay comp., worked for 'First News', Silver in Linguistics Olympiad, Mensa, lots of extra reading, lots of singing and acting! 14/11/16: I got an interview! TBA
rossward NatSci biological Pembroke 7A*s 3As Biology,Chemistry,Maths,French AAAA A*A*AA Silver Biology Olympiad... nothing else :/ TBA TBA
liziepie Bio Natsci Selwyn 9 A*'s 1A 2B Bio, Chem, Maths + Art (dropped) AAAB A*A*A* 98 ums average in maths, Silver in Cambridge Chem challenge, Cambridge summer school, 2 week work experience in a lab interview 15th TBA
eleanorus Nat Sci bio St Johns 10 A*s, 1 B Chemistry, Biology, Maths (dropped history) AAAA A*A*A* Work Experience at local Uni for a week, Work Experience in science labs for a week, 10 Tors (lol), run a science club at school Interview 7th TBA
LouKayenta05 Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion Pembroke 8A* 2A Latin, Chemistry, Religious Studies, Geography (dropped) AAAA A*A*A* Stuff I'm too lazy to list Yes Yes
btea Philosophy Robinson 4A* 5A 2B Philosophy, Psychology, History, English Literature AAAC A*A*A (&A* EPQ) Worked for council's Democratic Services department, helped with EU ref, won public speaking comp in county, volunteering, lots of Philosophy reading, student leadership team / (have EC's) Interview on 7th Dec - Steliata Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Japanese) Selwyn 10A* Chinese, English Language, Maths, Religious Studies (dropped) AAAA A*A*A* (although will probably get A*A*A at best) Rowing, piano, Trinity summer school, erm... Yes - 5th December TBA
GarlicBread01 Computer Science (with Maths) Robinson 2A*, 5A, 2B, 1C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science (dropped) AAAA A*A*A 97% UMS for Maths&FM Read a couple books, attended lectures, summer schools etc) TBA TBA
solC Mathematics St Catharine's 4A*s 6As 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry (dropped) AAAA A*A*A* 98% UMS in Maths+FM, took C3 early yas TBA
Cryptokyo Mathematics Peterhouse 6A*s 4As 1B + A in FSMQ Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Electronics and Chemistry (dropped) AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* (doing AFM) 98% UMS Average in AS Maths+FM. Did M2, M3 and M4 on top of this. Yes TBA
TH3-FL45H Mathematics St John's 1A^ 9A* 2A Maths (completed), Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology (dropped) AAAAA A* (achieved), A*A*A* Took Maths 2 years early, UKMT Challenges, AS Physics Challenge, Barclays work experience, Nuffield Research Placement, Gold DofE, Black Belt Karate, Senior Prefect TBA TBA
cogito. Mathematics Trinity 5A*s 5As 1B Triple maths, triple science, philosophy, EPQ (dropped Bio) AAAC A*A*A*A*A*A*A 94% UMS in Maths yas TBA
Lauren-x- Mathematics St Catharine's 10A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics & History AA A*AAA 97% UMS in AS Maths+FM, Villier's Park Maths Residential, engineering internship as part of SMF, created maths challenges/project for KS3 students Somehow, yes! TBA
davozgenius Engineering St John,s ------ Maths, Further maths, physics, chemistry, biology + EPQ AAAAA A*A*A*A*A*A*(epq) work experience at cam eng dept ,physics Olympiad , senior maths challenge , mentoring TBC TBC
Domaths Economics Emmanuel 9A*s 4As 1B Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Computing A*(maths early) A* + A*A*A UNIQ and Villiers Park, work experience in civil service, essay competition Yep! TBA
Baznoy Natural Sciences (Physical) Downing 3A*s 8As (with extenuating circumstances) Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A* UNIQ, Sutton Trust at Imperial, Cambridge Summer School for Natsci, Attending lectures at my local for Physics, Cambridge Chem Challenge, UKMT best in school, Work experience at a nuclear power plant, and playing the french horn and trumpet in my county orchestra. yes!!! TBA
Spange88 Natural Sciences (Physical) Jesus 12A* A Achieved Maths A* Further Maths A* Physics, Chemistry, Additional FM, French AAA (no AS taken in AFM) A*A*A*A*) Maths challenge, Physics Olympiad, LJMU work experience, tennis coach Yay! Offer?
Adam.Stone Natural Sciences (Physical) Downing 5A*'s 5A's 1B Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, EPQ A* in first 6 maths modules A*A*A Attended UCL Chemistry in Action lectures, Visited Brighton Uni for a practical day of isolating caffeine, Award in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge TBA TBA
IcedArizona Natural Sciences (Physical) Gonville and Caius Equivalent to A* overall in French system and A*BC in GCSEs (ext. circ.) (maths, english lit and lang) :/ French Bac with international option, science stream (so physics, chemistry, maths, biology, computer science + compulsory subject: french lit, history, philosophy, spanish 18 at french lit written; A in AS maths Predicted 18/20 overall Hospital lab work experience, reading on physics, visiting CERN, maths competition, competitive swimming, red cross volunteering TBA TBA
Hjortlund Natural Sciences (Physical) Christ's No idea what the Danish equivalent is. Physics, Mathematics, Technical Science (Low Amp Electronics), Danish, English, SRP (Equivalent of an EPQ, but mandatory) Again, not sure what the equivalent is.. 11.8 Overall average, 12 in all A except Danish Gap year applicant, UNF's Phyisics Camp 2016, currently taking mathematics and mechanics courses at the of Copenhagen, tutoring in mathematics and physics, doing volunteer work for the Danish Youth Association of Science (UNF), part of the academic team for UNF's Physics Camp 2017 tasked with creating and delivering the educational program (So hyped, going to be lecturing in some Lagrangian mechanics) TBA TBA
nishil2805 Natural sciences physical St Catherine's 9A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry (Geography AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A* Selwyn summer school, Selex Work experience Yes TBA
czhang1998 Architecture Trinity 8A*,3.5A Art, Maths, Physics, Further Maths(dropped) AAA(didn't do Art AS this year bc chosen it as linear) A*A*A* Work experience at two local architecture firms/an architecture portfolio preparation course at Central Saint Martins Yes -
Hamartia Law Clare 10 A*s IB HL: Economics, Philosophy, French N/A (Achieved) IB: 43/45 (777 HL) 2nd place in a Cambridge law essay competition (2015), several other things TBA -
Obiejess Law Trinity Hall 5 A* 4 A English Literature, History, Politics, Psychology (dropped) BAAA A*A*A* Sutton Trust Summer School Experince Cambridge, Work Exp, loads of school council-y type stuff, awards, reading. Yes -
Thirdcultureteen Law Corpus Christi N/A (Didn't take GCSEs) AS Results (or equivalent) (IB) HL: History, Maths, English. SL: Physics, Economics, Spanish ab initio Predicted 45, 777 at HL 2nd place in a Cambridge law essay competition, awarded Best Advocate at a moot, work experience shadowing a barrister during a murder trial, work experience at a corporate law firm, awarded Best Speaker in a regional debating competition, Cambridge Sixth Form Law Conference yes yes
CutieTootsie Medicine Jesus 5A's 5B's (w/ extenuating circumstances) Maths, Chem, Bio AAA A*A*A* lots of work/ex, head prefect, DofE gold award, grade 8 piano pending -
Fusarium Medicine Trinity 8A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, EPQ AAAA A*A*A*A*A*(EPQ) 2 weeks shadowing overseas, 3 weeks in UK, 1 yr hospice, 6months nursing home, mentoring peers in school, dementia and first aid courses, sports at county , DofE Silver TBA TBA
ibprocrastinator Land Economy Trinity ICSE - 95.2% A (Biology, Geography) and IB HL (Maths, Economics, Business Management) IB SL (20/21) IB HL (Achieved without Math) 13/14, (Predicted with Math) 19/21, Total Predicted 41/45 Lots of reading, WWF-India volunteer, working with a startup, tutoring math/econ/french.....that's all I guess TBA TBA
peachykeen History of Art King's 13 A*s 1 A German, Music, English Literature, History AAAA A*A*A*A Some work experience at museums and a cathedral Yes -
rissanicole14 Human, Social, Political Sciences King's N/A (USA APs) Spanish, Psychology, US History, English Language, European History, Calculus AB, Chemistry, Physics 1; Pending exams are Calculus BC, English Literature, Government and Politics, Biology (AP) 55554422 (AP) 5553 Took a World Politics class at a local uni, president of debate club, board member of non-profit in my city, school swim team for 4 years, intern for local chamber of commerce; 750 SAT Literature, 720 US History, 2170 SAT I Yes :) just 1 on the 6th TBA
sairamayb Computer Science Pembroke 6A* 4A Computer Science, Maths, Biology, Psychology (AS) AAAA A*A*A Work experience at a company that do software engineering and invent hardware, read a book on AI, volunteered to tutor at my old high school, ambassador for my college Yes TBA
lazulie Economics Selwyn N/A APs - completed Calc BC, English Language, World History, USH, Chemistry; pending Microecon, Macroecon, Stats, Physics C Mech, English Lit, French 55554 + 2390 SAT I + 3 800s on SAT II 555555 Took econ/math classes at a university, some reading, writing tutor, not much tbh Yes Offer through pool!
Inister Geography Homerton 2A*, 6A, 4B Geography (95%) Politics (94%) Biology (14 raw marks past A boundary), Comp. Sc (dropped) AAAB A*A*A* Books, RGS, Lectures/talks, related EPQ, debates Yes