Share your top results day tips

Today is A-Level results day. Some people will be getting the grades they hoped for, others won't - It's an emotional day either way. Share your top tips for surviving results day below...

  • Have a pen and paper with you.
  • Don't be on holiday when your results come out.
  • TRY to get some sleep. Being sleep deprived isn't going to help. Have an active day the day before to keep your mind off things and get moral support.
  • If you have applied to uni check track before you leave, that way you can be prepared to talk to teachers about remarks/resits/requesting scripts once you have received your results.
  • Don't worry if your UCAS track status doesn't update straight away, because it can take time.
  • Don't assume you haven't got in, call the uni if you haven't met your grades.
  • Arrive early to collect your results. If you're eager to get your results and go to a fairly large college or school, arriving on or after the allocated time can mean you're faced with large queues which elongates the wait and makes the nerves build up.
  • Being nervous is natural, but don't get too worked up about everything. Remaining calm can mean you're prepared to face the next steps, whatever they may be.
  • It's not the end of the world if you miss your grades. Certainly DO NOT rush home and rush into the first course you find in Clearing. Consider your options, this is a decision that affects the next few years of your life at least, so rushing into a decision and not thinking things through is not a good idea.
  • Try not to compare results with friends if it's going to make you feel worse knowing they did better. They are your results, and as long as you tried your best and it has got you to the next stage of education, who really cares if you got 300 or 600 UMS.
  • If you get into your preferred choice of university, feel privileged regardless of your results. There's nothing more annoying than hearing people getting upset at being accepted but missing a grade. University is the start of a new beginning, so forget what has gone before and know that many others aren't as lucky as yourself.

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